Nikita 1×02 – 2.0

"I can only promise you one thing: it's going to get worse before it gets better."


A show’s second outing is almost always a challenging prospect. Thankfully, Nikita overcomes an average standalone plot by meticulously exploring the unique bond and layered relationship forged between two very complex women.

Props to Maggie Q and Lyndsey Fonseca who really knocked this one out of the park. Each of the various flashbacks interspersed throughout the hour were memorable and superbly acted. The first flashback with Nikita saving a junkie Alex from a gang-rape is both horrifying and poignant, effectively cementing the epic friendship between these two women. This was followed by that beautifully haunting scene of Alex trapped by Nikita in a steam prison in order to overcome her drug addiction. Unconventional, but undeniably badass. And finally, the episode’s end-scene is quite touching as Alex breaks down, and Nikita gives her something to live for: she knows who killed her parents. I really can’t stress enough how much I enjoy their partnership and the fact that their relationship is the core of the show and not some silly romantic angle.

As for the rest of the episode, the mission of the week isn’t particularly compelling but I did enjoy Percy’s horrifying mandate to utilize Alex as an escort. It’s an effective development that makes you loathe Percy, and Division as a result.

Bits & Bullets

-Love the new previously montage culminating with Nikita proclaiming: “…and the last word they’ll breathe before the end, will be my name.” Simply epic.

– Shane West’s growly voice is a bit too Batman-esque. Oh well, at least he’s trying.

– “Paging Jane Bond…” Ha!

– My god Lyndsey Fonseca looks beyond stunning in that hooker scene.

– Amanda is “The Inquisitor”. Can’t say I saw that one coming the first time I watched it.

– Alex sure got slapped around a lot during the episode.

– I absolutely loved Michael saving Alex from the beat-down. It added a lot of dimension to the character. And of course this was followed by Nikita saving Michael with a well-placed shot.

– Jayden attacking Alex out of nowhere was pretty bizarre. The writers couldn’t make her more irritating if they tried.

Nikki Notables

Junkie: Who the hell are you?
Nikita: Her fairy godmother.

Michael: Feeling pretty smart aren’t we?
Nikita: Always.

All in all, this wasn’t the strongest hour plot-wise but the relationship work was undoubtedly impressive.

Nad Rating


  1. Not the GREATEST followup but still very amusing. I can't get over how amazingly choreographed all the action scenes are. And Alex in that dress looked STUNNING.

    I really think Shane West was miscast, though. Still not warming up to him or his performance. And I can NOT unsee his teeth now (thank you very much). So distracting.

    The 'fairy godmother' line: priceless! Can't wait to see more of Nikita and Alex together. But the thing I'm most excited about is Nikita facing off with Amanda someday! Wowww.

  2. Hahah Michael is indeed very miscast at first I had the same feeling. But he improves! you'll see!

    The action NEVER disappoints! You're gonna love it!

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