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Restaurant – Frosty Palace

Has Beirut’s best burger finally arrived?

I’ve been hearing murmurs for a while now about “the best burger in Beirut.” Such urban legends permeate the air several times a year in this city, and I rarely take them seriously. However, tonight seems like as good a night as any to give this so-called mythic burger a shot.

Comprising a bar and three booths, Frosty Palace is a small establishment that more than makes up for its size with sheer charm. Thankfully, one of the booths is empty upon our arrival so the night is off to a fantastic start. I opt for the diner’s signature burger of course, and add on some mouth-watering toppings (bacon, caramelized onions) to really make my feast worthwhile.

 The fries arrive first; a peculiar tactic that effectively satiates my grumbling stomach. They’re thick, well seasoned, and just plain delicious. So many burger places get the fries wrong these days so that’s a definite win in my book. Interestingly enough, we’re presented with two sauces on the side to do with as we please. The tomato concoction proves to be an excellent substitute for ketchup, while the homemade mayo I decide to forgo (my one healthy choice on a very sinful night).

As I make small talk and wait patiently for my burger to arrive, I regret ordering a coke instead of a milkshake as I hear the latter is apparently the perfect drink to wash down our ensuing binge. I brush off this sentiment; I simply have an excuse to drop by again soon.

And finally, the crown jewel makes her appearance – “Frosty’s Burger.” Of course, my expectations have been set to unimaginably high standards, but she’s quite a joy to behold. The tender and juicy meat, the crispy bacon, the drippy beautiful gooeyness of it all… truly a tasty treat for the senses in every manner of the word.

After the first bite is over, the waiter informs us that the kitchen is about to close and asks us if we have any last requests. I glare at my friend whose unpunctuality has caused the rash decision I’m about to make. We glance quickly at the dessert menu and order the chocolate sundae before retreating to the bliss between our fingers. I predictably promise myself to take my time and savor the rest of my treat with equal slow-winding pleasure. Of course, that’s only the idealist in me talking; the poor thing doesn’t last a minute on my plate. No matter, it was a worthy sacrifice for a worthy cause.

The sundae arrives once we’ve fully annihilated our plates, and it’s a superb choice. Creamy, nutty, and delectably succulent. But I’m nonetheless remorseful for not sampling a few more luscious desserts. Yes the appetite is undoubtedly in full force tonight, and the gym will be gladly waiting for me tomorrow.

All in all, my visit to Frosty Palace has proven to be an exceptionally scrumptious and satisfying experience. As for the title of Beirut’s best burger? Well, the crown is definitely Frosty‘s at the moment and I’m surely looking forward to sampling the rest of their menu (the exquisite dessert selection in particular) very soon. Well done Frosty, well done.

Nad Rating


  1. Great review… Wish i read it when i was in town; will make up for it soon though.

    While you're at it, here's a request for another resto. Dunno if this is how it's spelled, the place is called Kampay. It's in downtown near Sultan Ibrahim.

    Cheers Nads

  2. Thanks dude we will go when you're back. I went to Kampai for my birthday last year. Hmmm…. I feel another review coming up!

  3. Your language is captivating …looking forward to reading more of what you have to say.

  4. I don't feel guilty eating this burger so that's the biggest complement I can give! The burger was exquisite but I felt it needed a bit more citrus to cut through the grease. The fries were delectable. The dessert sensational. Truly a great meal which I am sure to try again!
    Thank you Nad for introducing us to the place!

  5. Hahah indeed lack of guilt is THE best complement! I'm really glad you enjoyed the place. Today was my fourth time there and I tried the Bernaise Burger and it's even better than the signature Frosty Burger. Also, the Banana Caramel Sundae is beyond epic! This place is just full of surprises!

  6. I recently tried the pancakes and they are beyond incredible! This place is still as delicious as ever and has become a frequent tradition of mine!

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