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"What do I want? What I want is to empty a clip into your face." 


Wonderful. Although I’ve seen both of Nikita’s seasons, I’ve been pleasantly surprised during my rewatch by how impressively the show evolved during its first season.

First off, I really appreciated the writers’ efforts to add to the mythology by integrating the black boxes and the Guardians. Both are very intriguing concepts that only add to the show’s awesome evolution. Moreover, the introduction of Owen was an undoubted success. Devon Sawa is a charismatic presence to be sure, and I loved Nikita seeing herself in him and wanting to help him escape Division.

Alex’s adventures continue to be quite compelling as it’s always a thrilling treat watching her fend for herself inside enemy lines. Tom on the other hand doesn’t interest me in the slightest and has proven to be quite the useless character. Sadly, the actor was just as irritating on Revenge.

And finally, that ending was superb with Nikita and Alex both lying to each other about unexpected complications culminating in the reveal of a wounded Owen in Nikita’s bed. Brilliant.

Bits & Bullets

– I really loathe the horrible title credits font. I’m so glad they change it eventually because it’s embarrassing and cheesy.

– Alex eavesdropping during sit-ups – innovative!

– I love how effortlessly Nikita slips into other personas from the stained-glass shopper to the wronged girlfriend. Maggie Q is so underrated (and hilarious).

– Excellent fight between Nikki & Owen in the classroom.

– Love Alex obtaining Birkhoff’s fingerprints and sneaking into Percy’s office. Not to mention helping Nikita find Percy. Quite effective that one.

– Emily getting shot out of the blue was fantastic.

– Birkhoff was quite slimy trying to get Jaden to take the fall for what he did.

– I really enjoyed seeing Owen kick Roan’s ass. The latter just makes my skin crawl (in a good way).

– Percy looked like quite the terminator with that big-ass rifle.

Nikki Notables

Nikita: Percy never moves into the field. Pretty sure he takes vacations in Logistics.

Nikita: (In disguise) The man could not keep it in his pants if it was tied to his zipper, you know what I’m saying?

Birkhoff: Wow snappy banter, you should really write for reality TV.

Nikita: That’s the difference between you and me Percy. You’ll kill anyone at any time. I don’t waste life.

Thrilling and expertly realized, The Guardian is an excellent hour of Nikita.

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  1. So glad you mentioned the horrible title credits font! So cheap! But I love Nikita's opening voiceover. Always gives me chills in the end.

    Another impressive episode! I do hope Owen stays on for a while, he's got an interesting dynamic with Nikita. And no Amanda AT ALL in this one 🙁

    Ahhh Tom was Tyler in Revenge, the creepy stalker! I was going crazy trying to figure out where I've seen the actor and didn't want to google and stumble across any spoilers! Thanks for clearing that up!

    I'm still sooo amazed by the fight scenes. Incredible!

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