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True Blood 5×08 – Somebody That I Used To Know

"So you're a vampire. Now you're a member of two minorities."


While I still think True Blood is royally screwing up this year in terms of the zillion useless subplots that insist on taking up airtime, I do have to commend them for not faltering with the Authority arc and trying their best to make sure the filler subplots finally intersect.

Here we have Lafayette and Arlene’s gang doing God knows that (and lord was that boring), Alcide and the wolf pack still horrifyingly stupid, and Hoyt torturing a heartbreaking Jessica in a move that is completely out of character.

Nevertheless Russel, Salome, and the Authority freaks are beyond entertaining. I particularly loved Bill’s suggestion of bombing True Blood factories thereby forcing vampires to feed on people. That’s a genius idea that has me suitably pumped for the rest of the season. Let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint because it sounds beyond fantastic.

And finally, Pam and Tara continue to amuse. I am seriously enjoying the heck out of their bizarre mother-daughter relationship, particularly in the way that Pam imprisoned Tara’s high-school bully. The writers have finally found a niche for Tara who was horribly utilized the past two years so I’m definitely glad. And Pam, well she continues to be the show’s MVP.

True Quips

Russel: May I say that God has the most beautiful tits I’ve ever seen.

Russel: Praise Lilith, praise Jesus, praise Moses’ cock, I am born again!

Andy: I hate this Goddamn town.

Pam: You don’t know me very well. My angry face and my happy face are the same.

Eric: What are you doing?
Bill: Evolving.

Although some subplots are still as painful as ever, this was a relatively focused and intriguing hour of True Blood.

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