New Domain

I recently bought the domain http://www.nadsreviews.com so bookmark it ladies and gentlemen and remove the old blog url. Big changes are a-coming.


  1. Great new site image, Nadim. I'm currently browsing and I must say I love your new site. Cool door-type listing on your homepage. You are looking quite inspired in finishing up Nikita episodes, I see. Season 3 is drawing near, huh. This September, we'll all be scrambling to catch all the season openers. Whew! Popcorn!!!! 🙂

  2. Hahah yes I'm going to catch up and make sure I'm done with reviewing season 2 before season 3 starts. I'm sure I'll make it in time. I also need to rewatch Revenge and review it for Billie Doux.

    Thank you for the kind comments. My friend at work made the above logo for me and helped me pick out this site layout. I'm really glad you liked them 🙂

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