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Nikita 1×11 – All The Way

"Now hit me, and make it good."


All The Way is probably one of my most favorite hours of television ever produced. It’s a stunning masterpiece that perfectly epitomizes what great television is all about. It’s also the hour that elevates Nikita to another level and raises the standards of the show to an unexpectedly grand caliber.

Rewatching this episode a year later, I’m pleasantly surprised by just how phenomenal it is. There’s just so much to love about it that I don’t know where to begin. I think it would be most appropriate if I discussed one of the most mind-blowing sequences ever caught on film: Nikita escaping Division. It’s raw, emotional and thrilling in every manner. The simple sight of our heroine held up like a gladiator in chains has simply become such an iconic image for the show and the escape itself is a beauty to behold. The explosions, the chilling yet rousing orchestral score, Amanda’s utter look of fear and then screaming “She’s loose!”, Nikita hoisting herself up and savagely ripping the chains off the ceiling before landing like some otherworldly being; it’s ridiculously breathtaking. And might I add, it still gives me goosebumps on every rewatch, particularly as Nikita screams like a beast and swings the chains at the guards (my only regret is that we never actually see her fight with these fantastic accessories).

With the above sequence alone, the hour is spectacular, but what follows is an equally epic sequence: Nikita taking on and annihilating Division’s entire line of recruits. The exhilarating fight choreography, Nikki’s resourceful use of the weight room – it’s just faultless. And of course, it’s perfectly book-ended with Nikki shooting at Percy who doesn’t flinch as he coldly observes his old student while his lackeys scurry for safety. Incredible.

In addition to these grandoise sequences, this episode also exemplifies why Amanda is the perfect villain for the show. The scene in which she scrutinizes Nikki is superb as it perfectly conveys her conviction in Division’s purpose. It’s beyond chilling and that’s what makes her the show’s ultimate and most compelling antagonist. And of course, Melinda Clarke is astonishing.

And finally, I haven’t even discussed Alex who underwent quite a journey in this one. All the signs were pointing to her making her first kill and it’s fitting that the victim is Tom in the end. Although his death wasn’t especially touching as the writers hadn’t really managed to make him very sympathetic or likeable, the development was still wonderfully handled as Alex managed to make him Division’s mole. Moreover, the ending with Percy finally promoting her to agent status was a magnificent beat to leave things on as now Alex is more devoted than ever to her “mission.”

Bits & Bullets

– Alex’s fashion show for Amanda was creepily amusing.

– Awesome flashback to the moment Alex offered herself to Nikita as a Division mole.

– The “I’ll take the bunny” flashback was excellent.

– Percy discovering the shell program and the fact that Nikki has a mole inside Division is a development I was sure would not happen this early in the show’s run. Amazing.

– Lyndsey Fonseca looks beyond gorgeous in that “sapphire” dress. Actually, it’s probably the most beautiful she’s ever looked on the show.

– The entire sequence with Alex trying to kill Zoman is marvelous. Everything from her beating up the guards to the flashback of the original kill from the pilot, culminating in the riveting Nikita/Alex team-up fight scene that was 11 episodes in the making.

– Nikita asking Alex to knock her out and surrender her to Division is a genius move.

– Loved Nikita and Alex “threatening” each other and hatching the details of an escape plot right before Percy’s nose.

– Nikita looks so darn badass in those chains.

– The look of fear on Nikita’s face when Amanda appears to interrogate her. Obviously they have a lot of history and it couldn’t be more intriguing.

– Amanda choosing to show Nikita the Daniel videos and mentally breaking her down instead of physically torturing her is harrowing and heartbreaking in its efficiency.

– Loved that they intercut Alex rigging Division with explosives with Amanda’s session with Nikita.

– Believe it or not, I never really noticed that you can actually see Nikita counting down the explosion as Amanda interrogates her. The attention to detail on this show is sensational.

– Check out Maggie Q’s muscles as she lifts herself up the chains. Damn.

– Extraordinary fight scene between Alex and Tom. Lyndsey Fonseca really is magnificent in the show’s action sequences.

– Michael and Nikita sharing a glance as she escapes: priceless.

– Loved the final shot of Nikki escaping Division through the hatch.

Nikki Notables

Nikita: Little girl, your 15 minutes of fame start right now.

Percy: Where have you been getting your intel from?
Nikita: I think the question is where haven’t I been getting it from. Division’s got more leaks than BP and I have friends everywhere.

Nikita: The Inquisitor huh? This is gonna hurt.
Amanda: You have no idea.

Amanda: It’s too late to save yourself. But there may be time to save others.
Nikita: Right now, I’d be wondering about who’s gonna save you.

One of the most perfect hours of television I’ve ever seen, All The Way is Nikita and television at its finest.

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  1. OH MY GOD. This is the single most incredible hour of television I've ever seen. How am I just watching this now???

    I can't believe this is only the show's ELEVENTH episode. A game-changing hour like this certainly wouldn't have happened until AT LEAST the season finale on any other show.

    Nikita breaking her chains and attacking the guards is definitely the single most bone-chilling sequence I've ever seen (reminded me of Max breaking the glass in slow-mo in season 1 finale of DA). The chilling score, the muscles on Nikita (dayuuum, btw) and the horrified look on Amanda's face… I'm going crazy just thinking about this episode, Nadim. Wow, wow, wow.

    And my heart actually broke during Tom's death. It's such a BRILLIANT writing decision to have him be Alex's first kill. And his final line? “You're gonna see me” oooff amazing, considering how he'd told her earlier that he always sees his first kill now. Wow.

    The flashbacks to the pilot were just ridiculously beautiful too. This really is one of those all-around PERFECT hours of television. Amazing writing, out of this world performances, one epic fight sequence, chilling music and a memorable ending. Damn!

    And of course I'm in love with Amanda. The fact that she doesn't physically torture Nikita AT ALL is beyond brilliant. Those videos were gut-wrenching, though.

    And yes I totally noticed Nikita counting down to the explosions! This is how you write a badass female character. WHAT A SHOWWW!!

  2. Finally you reached it! Woohoo! Been waiting for you to watch this since the start. It's still one of my all-time favorite hours of TV ever, and the chains sequence (which is very similar to the DA scene exactly), is still one of my favorite sequences (which I still rewatch). I knew you'd love it 🙂

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