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True Blood 5×10 – Gone Gone Gone

"Well fuck me he can count past five."


Finally, True Blood manages to maintain complete focus on the storylines that matter. This is actually the first time this season I didn’t find myself distracted by the multitude of eye-gouging filler subplots. And thus, the hour was a definite success.

First off, the ramifications of the True Blood factories being destroyed are extremely compelling. This is the kind of epic, raising-the-stakes storyline that True Blood should be doing more often. The Authority gang continue to impress particularly as their Lilith fanaticism grows stronger (with Bill very much devoted and Eric seemingly in line as well) and Russel finally taking a stand. I much prefer him going rogue because he’s just so awesome when he’s unpredictable (need I remind everyone of his ripping the spine out of a newscaster in season three?). Moreover, now Luna and Sam are in enemy terriroty in their hunt for Luna so things are undoubtedly going to get especially messy.

In other news, Hoyt is gone and it couldn’t have come at a better time as the show is finally removing some of its dead weight (Arelen and Terry’s disappearance this week was also welcome). I really hope they don’t bring back Hoyt in any way because there’s nothing really left to do with his character.

Finally, I loved that for the first time in a long time, we got Jason and Sookie genuinely bonding and looking out for another. Apart from the whole fairy contract reveal, Sook got to console her little brother as he broke down and began to cry after saying goodbye to Hoyt. It was especially touching and well done.

Bloody Bits

– The opening attack on Sookie as she uses chopsticks to stake the vamp is probably one of the coolest scenes True Blood’s done in years.

– Years later, the credit sequence still creeps me out. The creepy religious stuff, the dead animals, the freaky characters – it’s just downright insane (in a good way).

– Lilith slaughtering Godric: horrifyingly cool.

– How hilarious were Russel & The Reverend dancing to Katy Perry in the middle of a butchered frat-house?

– Loved Sam & Lafayette standing up against the rednecks for Jessica.

– Hoyt asking Jessica to glamour him and make him forget about her and Jason was a heartbreaking scene.

– Carolyn Hennesy is beyond brilliant on the show. It’s like she’s still playing Barb form Cougar Town only as a vampire. Marvelous.

– Sookie hugging a crying Jason was really the highlight of the hour.

– Tara slicing the Sherrif’s head off: mind-blowing! I was sure he would last a couple of seasons. I really am loving the new Tara.

– Russell’s accent as he makes his rage-filled speech was a pretty cool touch.

– So what’s the deal with the Sookie contract?

True Quips

Russel: Well I thought the book of fucking Lilith wanted us to go out and hunt, or is there some chapter where we’re supposed to be sitting around memorizing index cards?

Mama Hoyt: I Had to practically stand over your hospital bed to keep that Cheeto-headed tramp from giving you her blood.

The strongest hour of the season. Classic True Blood.

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