Nikita 1×14 – The Next Seduction

"You fought Nikita; it wasn't a fair fight."


While I appreciate Gogol’s involvement in this episode, the hour just felt messy to me. It seemed to lack focus and there wasn’t really much thrills to make up for that.

First off, I found the revelations that Nikita was basically Division’s whore extremely unsettling and disturbing. Yes it’s an effective development that paints Division as the ultimate Big Bad (and they had tried to do a similar thing with Alex earlier in the season) but it still made me very uncomfortable.

In addition, I really didn’t like how they handled Michael in this episode. I know they wanted it to seem big-brotherly when he crashed Alex’s date but instead it came of as creepily romantic and ill-fitting of Nikita as a show. Add to that the speech he gave which painted Alex as a prostitute in front of Nathan and it was just really ugly (particularly with him knowing her history as a sex slave). It was just a huge misstep in my opinion that made Michael extremely unlikable.

I did however enjoy Nikki’s opening up to Ryan at the end and asking how she could ever repent for her sins. Also, his kissing her was especially touching. I guess they both kiss each other when the other needs it even though it’s obvious they don’t have anything more than a platonic relationship.

Bits & Bullets

– Nikki & Alex playfully teasing each other about “connecting” was pretty amusing and so unlike the show.

– Nathan saying Michael “sounds like Batman” was hilariously on-point.

– Best fight scene in a while: Nikki wrestling with the huge Gogol operative and using every single item in the room to try and bring him down including a Faberge egg wrapped in a towel. Incredible.

– Pretty awesome how Nikki made it look like she had been ambushed, bruises and all.

– Loved Ryan escaping with the bag.

– Alex and Nathan kissing and falling into an embrace was a nice contrast to lonely Nikita walking on the pier.

Nikki Notables

Percy: First Owen, now Ryan. She always was the ultimate honey-trap.

Nikita: (To Percy) Don’t worry. When I bury you, I won’t call to brag first.

Ari: We can help you. The enemy of my enemy is-
Nikita: Just another man standing in my way.

Nikita: You can’t just live the lie Alex. It’s not enough. You have to live too.

While there’s nothing terribly wrong with this hour,  I expect more from Nikita this point in the season.

Nad Rating


  1. Oh man, another weak episode! 🙁

    For the first time in 13 episodes, I was actually bored. Yes, the action and fight scenes were gripping as usual (especially Nikita vs that Gogol guy) but everything else was really dull.

    Nathan mentioning that Michael has a Batman voice: priceless and so true!! I'm disappointed with that dinner scene because they really painted Michael as a villain whereas the show was careful to keep all of its characters layered and multi-dimensional up until this point.

    Hope next one's better!

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