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Restaurant – The Junkyard.

ef97f-img_3162Secluded dump or undiscovered gem?

 I seem to have the impression that there aren’t that many restaurants to discover in Beirut. Truth be told, nothing could be farther from the truth as dozens of new eateries are popping all over town on what seems like a weekly basis. The Junkyard is one spot I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about and once I saw the peculiar pictures, I knew I had to give it a shot.

Thankfully, the place does its pictures justice. I was definitely in awe as I finally managed to find it as it doesn’t look quite like anything else I’d seen in Beirut. Colorful chairs, eccentric designs, funky lighting – it’s just a phenomenal looking place (and especially photogenic I might add).

The food is an interesting predicament; the menu changes on a daily basis depending on what’s available at the market. On one hand, that makes going there quite unpredictable and exciting, but it can be a frustrating choice for someone who loves a consistent meal. Luckily, I had a great experience with the food. While the quantities were small as The Junkyard favors a tapas-style dining, all the items I tasted were quite impressive. A luscious octopus salad, moist and tender chicken rolls, and a particularly scrumptious mushroom medley proved to be highly memorable. However, the gang and I really needed a mouthwatering dessert to bookend things (a fondant or two) and unfortunately, all that was available was watermelon (!!!). Yes, that was undoubtedly an anticlimactic end to the meal. Surely it wouldn’t be so hard to invest in a Betty Crocker mix as backup for days like these?

Price-wise, be prepared to fork over around $40 per person and not leave feeling terribly full. It would be hard to appreciate the place’s small yet undeniably delicious offerings if you arrive starving to death (like a friend of mine). However, if you’re in the mood for a drink and some light tapas, then The Junkyard would be an excellent choice. The atmosphere and setting alone would make the evening a memorable one (the place really is gorgeous to look at). In a country where every restaurant looks practically the same, it’s amusing to experiment with something different every once in a while. Definitely recommended.

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  1. Agreed. Not having any dessert available was irritating (especially on my birthday). I also thought the salmon was scrumptious. And some sort of carbs on the menu would have been nice. A risotto or something. But it is definitely a creative concept and a fun experiment for a date or so.

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