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Karim’s Review: Weeds 8×08 – Five Miles From Yetzer Hara

"Hello there beautiful. Me: Doug Wilson. You: homeless lady on milk-crate."


Ne me quitte pas (Don’t Leave Me)’ by Regina Spektor is a longstanding favorite song of mine for a longstanding favourite artist. This impeccable song choice was used to wrap the episode playing on the words Jill pleaded to Andy ‘don’t leave me’, albeit falling on deaf ears as he did indeed leave her. With an impressive turn of events, Jill’s faux-pregnancy brought out a side of Andy I for one have been starving to see. Andy’s vulnerability for once is about his own self-goals as opposed to Nancy-dependent (dis)satisfaction. And in spite of the heart-breaking scene with him finding out he actually will not become a father, it was fulfilling to see him in his own light for once as he seemingly completes a journey of personal growth.

The episode moves on to another relationship that has evolved a long way: Nancy and Jill’s sisterhood. In Weeds’ all-too-familiar but admirable absurdity, Nancy went out of her way to lift Jill’s mood and provide some sisterly advice – albeit with a beautifully planned car theft leading to additional stockpiles of drugs for Jill to sell for pocket money ahead of moving out.

The show has had a great comeback this season, and I am looking forward to seeing how the story will play out. Will Jill and the girls smoothly go out of the picture, Andy coming back in with the old semi-nuclear family of Nancy, the Botwin brothers and little Stevey? How would the good looking Rabbi – Nancy’s newest love interest – be sidelined?

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  1. You know this episode could very well have been the series finale and I would have been satisfied. The ending was just exceptional with the fantastic song you mentioned and so many things coming together. I especially loved Nancy and Jill finally working as a team and putting aside their differences for the time being.

    And the Doug stuff was just insane. I literally laughed out loud when he got stabbed by the homeless woman and the stuff with him on his knees at the end was so very absured (and come to think of it, the kind of humor Weeds excels at). Looking forward to reading more of your reviews!

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