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Trailer Talk With Boudius – Episode 1

There’s nothing quite like a truly great movie trailer. Of course, there’s a lot of crap out there too. As a weekly tradition, I’ll be dissecting an eclectic batch of trailers every week along with Nad Reviews‘ newest addition – Boudius. Say hello everyone.

The Last Stand
Nad’s Take: Well, that was amusing. I think it would be wise of Lionsgate to market The Last Stand as the feel-good comedy of 2013 because I don’t think anybody on earth still takes Arnold Schwarzenegger seriously as an action star, no less an actor. I will say that the action looks sort-of impressive (although it’s nothing we haven’t really seen before), and I do commend Schwarzy for taking a jab at himself with the “old” line. Still, this looks like the same forgettable crap that gives Hollywood a bad name. I’d rather stick myself with hot pokers than sit through this surefire mess.      

Boudius’ Take: The Last (Time I) Stand. I think Lionsgate accidently omitted a few words from the title. You are very kind to call it amusing. Other than the somewhat sad Arnie, any non-Jackass movie with Johnie Noxville usually promises instantaneous nausea. Add to that the pedestrian performance by Forrest, and you are set. How can an Oscar winner epitomize terrible acting in 10 seconds of screen time?!? I hope this public office separation anxiety does not last too long as Shawrzenegger rolls out a set of movies in descending order of rank. Mayor. Sherriff…Ass-Kicking Diabetic Postman?! In short, please keep some of those pokers for me. I will need to gauge my eyes out if the movie shows up on my TV set by accident  at some point.

The Life Of Pi
Nad’s Take: Wow. This looks beyond gorgeous. Although I’m not much of a book guy, I read The Life Of Pi a couple of years ago and let me tell you, it’s a masterpiece. Thrilling, touching and just an all-round compelling adventure. In fact, If the film is half as good as the novel, I’ll definitely be impressed. If it doesn’t work out, then it’s good to know that they’ve at least got the visuals down pat. Seriously it looks stunning.

Boudius’ Take: What was that! There was a tiger on the boat. This whole trailer suddenly went from a pun on a possible 2 Chainz song to goosebump inducing story and graphics. The book has been on my “to-read” list for a while. You calling it a masterpiece and this trailer has me wallowing in regret. I love that not a single word was uttered in this. Beautiful. They can already add up my money to their box office tally.

This Is 40  
Nad’s Take: While I’m glad Leslie Mann is finally getting a starring role, a sequel to Knocked Up? Really? Wasn’t that film overrated enough? And this doesn’t look nearly as funny as the studio and the marketing department seem to think it is. Still, I’ll probably be dragged to watch it at some point and who knows, it might prove to be a pleasant enough diversion. I do have one question though, does Megan Fox’s agent actually get paid for this?       

Boudius’ Take: Ok. So Leslie Mann has been on my MILF radar for quite a while now. But what I can’t figure out is how does this system work for Judd Apatow? So every once and a while he whores out not his own wife, but his entire family (these brats are his own daughters) and films them leading happy inspiring lives with a different man, and more often than not that man is Paul Rudd. Does he enjoy that? Where do they draw the lines? What percentage of each movie’s earnings goes to the girls’ psychiatry fund? But I digress. This looks like a sweet movie. And forgive me for saying this Nad buy I actually didn’t mind Knocked UP mainly for the bits of comedy performed by Apatow’s surrogate family. I guess if I’m in Beirut I’ll be the one dragging you to see this. Oh and Megan Fox’s agent is a saint.

Nad’s Take: I’m a lifelong fan of 007 so I have high hopes for this one. The trailer isn’t as mindblowing as I would have liked but I have a feeling Skyfall will turn out to be a surprisingly excellent return to form after the tragedy that was Quantum of Solace. I think Daniel Craig more than proved himself in Casino Royale which did an incredible job of reinvigorating the franchise so I’m suitably pumped for this. Ah Mr. Bond it’s been way too long.     

Boudius’ Take: Evil Javier Bardem is back. This man was born to instil an all too real fear. You are absolutely right having high hopes for this one. It does have a certain Casino Royale smell of success. And you are spot on with Daniel Craig. He is going to murder this. I just love having a Bond who could realistically kick someone’s ass. The only drawback is these Bond girls. Why do they look like every other woman in the mall? I just want my Bond to be realistic. The women should make me daydream for days.  

*Nad Note Haha every other woman in the mall. You know I thought the same thing after watching the trailer and then I googled Berenice Marlohe. The other one however (Naoimi Harris) I couldn’t agree more.  Props for diversity though.

Beasts Of The Southern Wild    
Boudius’ Take: Okay so this is probably not coming to a theater near you anytime soon, but I just needed to get this out there. I first saw this when this miracle of kid showed up on Jay Leno at some point. I have been drawing daily inspiration from these two minutes of trailer magic ever since. Best thing about these posts is probably going to be me publicly coming to terms with certain aspects of my identity. I guess at this point it is important that I point out my lingering fantasy of being a young black girl growing up in the Bayou or even just south of the Mississippi. I guess you can call me a reverse Michael Jackson. This movie is probably as close as I’ll ever get to that. Thoughts good sire?      

Nad’s Take: Brilliant. I don’t know how you dug this up but it looks phenomenal. These 2 minutes perfectly epitomize what I mean when I say that a trailer truly can be a work of art if it’s properly constructed. It’s both thought-provoking and poignant. I for one can not wait! Awesome find Boudius.


  1. I saw Beasts of the Southern Wild a couple of weeks ago, and it's an extraordinary movie. The actress playing Hushpuppy is disturbingly talented, and deserves a ton of notice come Oscar time.

    The others are as expected. I have zero interest in the Schwarzenegger movie, but I'm just not its target audience. And This Is 40 looks pretty cute. It's a little harsh to describe his family as being “whored out”, though. They've always appeared sweetly ordinary and endearing on-screen (for their daughters, it's pretty much like fooling around in a home-movie), and it's well-known that the Apatow and Rudd families are close in reality, so I don't totally get that. Unless it was a joke that flew over my head. Also don't see the problem with Naomie Harris, either. Particularly what was written about her looks.

    The trailer for Butter also came out this week, and it seems fun. Jennifer Garner looks a little scenery-chewey in places, but it feels unfair to judge on about two minutes of footage, generally.

  2. I've been waiting for Butter for the longest time thanks to my intense love for all things Garner so we'll definitely be discussing that trailer next week.

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