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True Blood 5×11 – Sunset

"If Ke$ha is a poet, that is alarming because her spelling is atrocious."


Utterly fantastic. Everything and everyone intersected in this one and it was just beyond brilliant. Luna, Sam, Pam, Jessica and all the Sanguistas together in the Authroity’s underground bunker during the episode’s final moments was pretty genius. It actually makes the season’s rough spots worth it if it got eveybody here as it feels like we were actually building towards something. I also though Lilith appearing in front of each of our chancellors and telling them they were chosen (and putting them at odds) quite compelling (and not just because the actress who plays her is always naked).

Moreover, I found the introduction of the Elder fairy quite amusing although it’s too bad we had to lose her so quickly. Nevertheless, her death at Russell’s fangs was undoubtedly cool and he’s now a bigger threat than ever before which capably sets up the finale. Still, I don’t know why Sookie and the rest of her lame clan didn’t just combine their light and zap him to bits but maybe that’s exactly what will happen in the finale’s opening moments (if the writers have any respect for our intelligence that is).

But please, someone put Alcide and his torturous storyline out of their misery. Yes we got some good action in the end but this storyline still feels incredibly out of place and it’s just dragging the whole show down in the process. That’s really unacceptable when we’re in the penultimate episode of the season.

Bloody Bits

– The Salome-Nora kiss was unexpected yet strangely fitting.

– Nora and Eric having sex as she begged for his forgiveness was a strangely touching True Blood sex scene. Might have been a first for the show.

– Brilliant tension-soaked scene with General Kavanaugh. He was fun while he lasted.

– Loved resourceful Jessica double teaming her security entourage with Jason.

– Badass Eric staking both vamps in the car.

– The Elder calling Ke$ha a poet: hilarious.

– I surprisingly liked Andy being thoughtful and telling Holly’s kids he’ll be there for their mom.

– I quite like the baby vamps (Pam and Jessica) bonding.

– Heartbreaking scene as Roselyn arrests Pam who takes the fall for Tara.

– Bill striking Jessica across the room is a pretty effective tactic for cementing him as a villain.

True Quips

Pam: Since when did I become a halfway house for wayward baby vamps?

Pam: (To Jessica) Don’t play games with me you little ginger bitch.

Elder: (To Sookie) There’s a reason why you slut your heart out to every cute guy with fangs.

Arlene: And loyalty. You gotta be sure that person is gonna be there for you through thick and thin cause you never know when some Iraqi ghost lady is gonna curse you and your entire family.

Jessica: Thanks again for letting me stay here.
Pam: Totally. Maybe later we can braid each other’s hair and talk about boys. (Turns around) Fucking baby vamps.

Shocked vampire: When we die we’re GOO?

Pam: Who the fuck is Luna?

Russell: Sweet merciful fuck, that was delicious! Heaven, thy name is fairy.

Thrilling and focused, Sunset is one of the best episodes True Blood’s ever produced.

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