Nikita 1×17 – Covenant

"I don't think you're capable of not caring."


Michael hasn’t been the strongest character throughout Nikita‘s debut season. He’s had some good moments, but overall I’ve found him to be a sort of one-note character who I’m not usually eager to see more of. That all changes with this hour which capably turns the character into an intriguing presence in his own right.

First off, I absolutely loved Michael and Nikki’s cat and mouse game throughout the episode. While the flashbacks weren’t the greatest, the hunt for Kassim proved to be quite exciting particularly with Gogol and Ari’s involvement. The twist with Kassim being a Division agent working for Percy was also quite phenomenal, and it’s the perfect development to send Michael over to Nikita’s side. Now both have an even bigger bone to pick with our Big Bad and it all works wonderfully.

Alex on the other hand suffered in this one. The whole Nathan storyline just isn’t working for me. I get what they’re going for but it’s too much of a distraction from the good stuff and makes Alex seem superfluous in the process. It’s a far cry from when she was the show’s highlight so that’s really unfortunate.

And to continue the tradition, Nikita ends yet another episode this season with a goosebump-inducing final scene that’s just epic and incredible on every level. First Michael tells Percy he’s with him “100%” and then heads on over to Nikita’s loft. Cue Florence & The Machine’s gorgeous song “Cosmic Love” as Nikki & Michael finally come together in the most beautiful and touching moment Nikita’s ever done. It’s become an iconic scene for me that really epitomizes the emotion that this show is capable of. I can’t tell you how many time I’ve rewatched it and it just never gets old. Extraordinary television.

Bits & Bullets

– I didn’t really like Nikki’s reaction in the opening convo with Michael; her crying and pleading like a little girl because of a boy is not the Nikita we’ve grown to love.

– Nice bit of continuity with Ari’s bodyguard punching Nikita thanks to her beatdown of him a couple of episodes ago.

– Brilliant scene with the ballet and Ari’s voiceover describing Nikita as she beats her way into the opera house. The music, the editing – simply stunning.

– Shane West’s strongest scene as an actor since the show began is his final monologue in the snow. Extremely touching.

– I’ve already praised the final scene quite a bit, but I’d like to point out that Florence & The Machine songs sure seem to bring long-lost lovers together. The Vampire Diaries did something equally brilliant the following year using another outstanding song: Never Let Me Go.

Nikki Notables

Nikita: I need money.
Ari: Don’t we all?

Ari: You have two strikes against us, Nikita. If there is a third, I promise you, Gogol will divert an absurd amount of resources towards finding you. And when we do—it will be unpleasant.

Equal parts thrilling and touching, Covenant is an excellent hour of Nikita.

Nad Rating


  1. Probably my second favorite episode so far (after the epic All The Way) so maybe we only disagree on the rating? hhaha.

    That ballet scene was just STUNNING. The editing, the chilling music…wow, I was riveted all the way through.

    And what a twist with Kasim being a Division agent! I think it perfectly makes Percy the Ultimate Big Bad. Really brilliant twist.

    I can't believe how likable Michael is now, thanks to that chilling ending! Will definitely be rewatching that, but his scene with Nikita on the snow outside was REALLY gut-wrenching. Both actors were just incredible (when Maggie Q tries to hold back tears, I really lost it!). It's also really such a well-written episode (minus the Alex stuff) with the parallels between the present-day stuff and the flashbacks.

    I hope Alex gets a better subplot soon! Maybe Division can kill Nathan? Lol. It also bugged me a little that Nikita didn't tell her that Michael knows she's the mole. I don't know if that was intentional (she wants to protect her?) or lazy writing, but I need these two girls to tell each other EVERYTHING!

    As always, loving these reviews!

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