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Restaurant – Em Sherif

26de3-emm-scherif_restaurant_monot_achrafieh_lebanon393fw627A majestic feast

I haven’t been much of a Lebanese food fan lately due to a couple of bad experiences so when my brother chose a Lebanese restaurant for his birthday dinner, I was undoubtedly apprehensive. Impressively enough, Em Sherif managed to singlehandedly change my opinion on Lebanese cuisine –  an exceptional achievement.

Calling dinner at Em Sherif a feast would be an understatement. The restaurant has a set menu of 66$ per person and it’s basically an influx of constant food. Waves of plates continuously land before you starting with several rounds of typical Lebanese mezza, multiple main platters (with a surprise daily dish), and of course a variety of desserts. Every single plate I sampled was superb, which is quite the rare homerun for an Arabic restaurant with such an immense range. The highlights of my binge-fest include:

– Exceptional Tabboule with a zesty lemon-y twist.

– Stuffed spicy pickles.

– A spectacularly flavorful hindbe

– The best french fries I’ve had since Frosty Palace (and I’ve tried quite a bit since then).

– Tender meat and moist chichtaouk.

– Scrumptious Atayef (of which I’m usually not a fan of)

– Delicious mulberry ice cream

– A succulent cereal and rice concoction

In addition, the army of waiters on hand were on-point and polite, capably enhancing the spot’s atmosphere. The restaurant as a whole is an utter delight to look at, with its Arabian Nights-esque theme of vibrant colors and high ceilings. If I had any complaints, it would be the multiple diners puffing on Arguile which threatened to taint the restaurant’s classy ambiance. Thankfully, with Lebanon’s no-smoking public ban in-effect soon, occurrences like these will hopefully become a thing of the past.

All in all, Em Sherif proved to be one of the most memorable dining experiences I’ve ever had. It blows every single one of its competitors out of the water and I truly can not recommend it enough. Outstanding.

Nad Rating


  1. Heyy Nad !! I would add +++ to your A !!I have been at Em Sherif yesterday with two very special friends and we were admiring the restaurant and enjoying the excellent food there.
    And yes the restaurant's design is so much like Arabian Nights and I would add the atmosphere of Damascus old-renovated restaurants (the main dish was 20uze as a proof of what I felt ) … Beside the amazing tabouleh, kibbe, hommos, samke harra, taouk , etc …the dessert was heavenly; Em Ali, mouth watering Qatayef,Meghleh,Ice cream you can't resist !!
    I agree with you Nad,Em Sherif is highly recommended specially with amazing friends like mine 🙂

  2. Thanks for commenting Z, it really is something special! Every single plate is impressive and delicious! I'm really glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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