The Client List

The Client List 1×04 – Ring True

"Did you see that? You can crack a walnut in her cleavage."


Ah the horror. While there’s a cheap breeziness to The Client List that’s strangely endearing, it’s still pretty terrible television. The stakes never feel high, characters speak in exposition, and there’s really only so much goodwill Jennifer Love Hewitt can muster. Yes she’s quite the charmer and God does she look good (especially in that red dress) but the show can’t survive on her cleavage alone.

Thankfully The Client List‘s debut season is only ten episodes long so I’m going to try my best to stick around – as arduous a task as that may prove to be. If I had to look past the horrendous dialogue and lazy plot developments, I’d commend the show on at least handling the Riley-Evan relationship in an engaging and realistic manner. The two are slowly but surely growing more comfortable with each other and there’s an obvious spark between Hewitt and Egglesfield particularly during that final talk on the bench. And of course Hewitt totally sold that final touching flashback with the original marriage proposal as she removes her ring.

Also, it was nice to Greg Grunberg again. I’ve been a fan since Alias and he’s an undeniably likeable presence to have around. The less said however about Riley’s annoying best friend Lacey the better. And Loretta Devine and Cybill Shepard are just totally wasted which is unfortunate.

Ultimately though, The Client List is pretty disposable television and nothing more than a summer diversion. That red dress however is another matter…

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