Nikita 1×19 – Girl’s Best Friend

"Come on I'm an agent all over again. Isn't that some sort of fantasy of yours?"


This episode brought to light a very interesting debate: can Division be used for good? Michael seems to think so, and I sure loved watching him try to convince Nikita of his unorthodox opinion. It provided quite a bit of compelling material for the hour.

Of course, the real highlight of the hour was Alex. After weeks of being sidelined with a painful love interest, our little heroine finally found herself back on the field. This hour really exemplified what makes a hero and Alex undoubtedly proved herself as one as she sacrificed her long-deserved freedom to save Jayden. Moreover, I also adored her announcing that she staying in the fight as Michael and Nikki watched on like loving parents. The three just have a wonderful family dynamic that feels very earned.

Speaking of Jayden, this was her strongest episode by far as it actually gave her a lot to work with and elevated her character from one-dimensional bully to a layered woman with a past of her own. I absolutely loved the ending (no surprise there) with her presenting Percy with the nerve toxin and being promoted to full-agent status. Things can only get explosive from here on out.

Bits & Bullets

– Fantastic dream fight with Alex vs Owen & Jayden. I don’t know what’s up with the show’s obsession with 3-way fights lately but they’ve all been incredible.

– It’s so nice to have Michael, Nikita and Alex on the same side discussing how to take down Division.

– Loved Jayden and Alex working together as prostitutes.

– That Anya turned out to be much tougher than I expected.

– Awesome moment with Jayden and Alex double teaming everyone culminating with Jayden shooting Kalume dead.

– Alex with the double guns (after flipping over the table) was so very Lara Croft.

– The second fight between Nikita & Anna was spectacularly choreographed. And I love that Nikki took her dress.

Nikki Notables

Nikita: Michael I love you. I just hate where you work.

Nikita: Once you’re free, you’re going to have to be on your own for a little while. I know you’ll be smart and I know you’ll be careful, but please be strong, for yourself. God knows you’ve been for me.

Anna: And the trigger?
Kalume: There’s an app for that.

Jayden: Know what I did? Stuck a knife in the back of his neck. The people I work for thought I showed initiative.

Girl’s Best Friend is yet another riveting and absorbing hour of Nikita.

Nad’s Rating


  1. Really liked this one, too, and I completely agree about Jayden. She was so one dimensional before this episode.

    Great review, I'm really enjoying these =)

  2. Thank you Panda. I've been wondering if you've been keeping up with the reviews as I've mostly been discussing with the Billie Doux crowd! Looking forward to lots of our shows starting up again this September!

  3. I can't believe they even made Jayden seem interesting now! That's an accomplishment on its own.

    I agree about Nikita, Michael and Alex. They really do have a nice family dynamic! I love watching them work together.

    How amazing was Alex in this one? Wow, I'm really obsessing over Lyndsy Fonseca now. And flipping the two guns in her hands – I got MAJOR Lara Croft vibes too!! Hahaha I'm glad I wasn't the only one.

    Like I mentioned earlier, the dialogue on this show is really realistic and interesting. There's a scene at the end where Michael jokes with Nikita “maybe you could run Division one day” and she just laughs and says “oh I like windows”. I love that the writers didn't add anything to that line. The context is already there and Michael already understands what she means (no windows in Division), and it just makes the viewer feel much more part of the scene that way. Thanks for not spoon-feeding us, show. This just really caught my attention.

    And love the Jayden twist at the end! Things are about to get messy indeed, and I can't wait! Three episodes left this season, holy smokes!

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