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True Blood 5×12 – Save Yourself

"Must all roads leads to fucking Sookie."


True Blood has never really had a great season finale. It always seems like they pull out all the stops for the penultimate episode of the season, and then revert to setting up plot threads for the next year during the finale. Thus none of the show’s finales have ever been that mindblowing or impressive. Thankfully, this year was different (probably because this episode was Alan Ball’s swan song) and we got ourselves one heck of a thrilling hour.

First off, it was great to see the majority of our cast aligned together as one team as they took The Authority under siege. It focused the proceedings (in an especially scatterbrained year) and gave us a clear goal to work towards. I enjoyed watching Jason going all goofy-badass (although his visions of his parents were bizarre) and Eric back to being super confident and cool. Nora was also a surprisingly interesting addition to the team as she finally feels like she has a purpose after floundering about for most of the season without much of a personality. I was also compelled by Bill being the total Big Bad and I’m hoping he stays that way next year. For a second I actually thought they had killed him off in the hour’s final moments but obviously True Blood never takes that big of a risk. I’ll still settle for him being the ultimate antagonist next season.

I’m disappointed however that Salome didn’t have a bigger role as she was basically relegated to Bill’s final victim in the finale. She was a complex, compelling character this year and I would have liked more of a payoff where she was concerned. Roselyn on the other hand got a better send-off. I loved her deliciously evil persona and her death scene was brilliant.

And as always, Alcide’s plot dragged things down a bit but not to the usual degree because it at least had some dark undertones with him viciously becoming pack leader. Still, they could kill him and his Dad off and I wouldn’t even notice. A pity Alan Ball thought we even cared about the werewolves this year. Here’s hoping his departure will aid the show in tapping into its full potential once more next year. I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again: this season had practically drowned with all the filler subplots.

 Bloody Bits

– Epic opening with the fairies realistically blasting Russell and Eric staking him. I’m going to miss that hilarious psychopath.

– It was very amusing watching Bill chasing after Sam (as a fly).

–  Arlene, LaFayette and Holly dancing together with margaritas was pretty funny.

– The multiple fairy births with Marella orgasming was hilarious. And I think this is the first episode Holly didn’t annoy me.

– I adored the Roselyn & fake Steve Newlin TV scene that culminated with the reveal of Luna and Sam destroying Roselyn from the inside. Marvelous sequence.

– The Tara-Pam kiss was both sweet and creepy. They’re really going there with the storyline.

– Bill looking all Lilith-like at the end was a pretty awesome visual to end things on.

True Quips

Bill: (To the guards) Oh and by the way, we’ve been breached.

Jason: I’m coming with you.
Eric: Oh sweetie don’t be a fool.

Thrilling and brimming with the show’s trademark humor, this was the strongest True Blood finale yet and one of the most remarkable episodes the show’s ever done.

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  1. I liked it, but it wasn't the best they've done, for me anyway. I agree with what you said about them all teaming up against the Authority, it tied the season together nicely.

    As for Alcide, I loved what you said about him being killed off. But I actually would notice, because I wouldn't have to fight off an attack of the Z's every time he popped up. Ugh.

    I love anything Pam and Tara related, so I'm kind of elated that he writers are, as you said, going for it. It's pretty cool.

    Also, and I mean this in no nasty way, could you be more careful with the images you use for your reviews, because the picture you used for this actually ended up spoiling the ending for me a little. I kind of knew what was coming just from looking at it when it popped up in my feed earlier in the week. Again, I don't mean it in a horrible way, and I love reading your stuff, just maybe be a little more careful? =)

    Great review, but I'm definitely ready to head back to the Vampire Diaries now. Already looking forward to your reviews on it when it's back!

  2. Panda you're so right about the picture. I really apologize it totally slipped my mind how spoilery that pic was! I just put because it was so powerful! Will definitely watch out from now on and try to avoid spoilery pics! Sorry again!

    Thanks for commenting! I'm really looking forward to TVD as well. Can't wait till we start discussing it on a weekly basis again!

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