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Trailer Talk With Boudius – Episode 2

Excitement Meter:
– Nope sorry
– Meh
– Why not
– Watch
– Pumped

Boudius’ Take: I am excited about this but for all the wrong reasons. As crude as it may sound but the thought of Noomi “I-am-so-badass-I-abort-my-own-baby” Rapace and Rachel McAdams doing the hanky panky just cripples me. Which is a good thing for whoever made this trailer since this is all I got out of it. There are high powered women and they are getting “passionate”. That’s all I got. I

am guessing it is some sort of thriller and there will be some evil doing at some point, but from what I saw, chances are I’ll be downloading only the steamy scenes 6 months after the movie comes out. I cannot see why I would spend more than 5 minutes of brain power on the movie.
Reminds me of: A poor man’s American Psycho.  
Excitement meter: Meh.

Nad’s Take: I agree. This just looks all over the place and bizarre. Rachel McAdam is fantastic however and probably the film’s only redeeming factor. Still, I really don’t see myself ever giving the film a chance. The tone seems much too over-the-top and it just feels like the film should have been released in 1994. Thankfully, people probably won’t even realize it exists.
Reminds me of: Fatal Attraction?  
Excitement meter: Meh indeed.

Boudius’ Take: Ladies and Gentlemen, the love child of Taken coupled with “any Nic Cage movie from the past 5 years”. Let’s ignore the classic movie trailer guy’s voiceover or the worn out story. Let’s give this a chance. I want to list reasons why I would see this. I want to be optimistic…Nope. Sorry. Can’t. I still think Nic Cage is cool. Honestly I like him. Heck I even saw a silver lining in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. But I have to draw the line somewhere. Any redeeming qualities at your end Nad?  
Reminds me of: any Nic Cage movie from the past 5 years.  
Excitement meter: Nope sorry.

Nad’s Take: I think the world just erupted into collective laughter Boudius. The voiceover, Nicholas Cage’s hilarious facial expressions, the premise! What an utter disaster. This film could serioulsy challenge The Last Stand for best comedy of the year. Someone should really put Cage out of his misery. Sorry but I can’t give the dude any more chances. He is beyond redemption.
Reminds me of: try any Nic Cage movie from the past TEN years.    
Excitement meter: Nope sorry.

The Impossible
Boudius’ Take: So there’s a disaster in Southeast Asia. A kajillion Southeast Asian people die (6 different countries at least and a multitude of ethnicities). Not a single non-Caucasian person in this trailer. I get it. It’s easier to tell the story from a European family’s point of view.  But not a SINGLE Indonesian or Malaysian?!?! I hate to roll out “political Boudius” but I can’t do this. It may be an okay movie and they are a surviving family but I’m just slightly repulsed. You take over Nad. You are a more mature and objective man than I am.
Reminds me of: Team America.    
Excitement meter: Nope sorry…. too angry.

Nad’s Take: Haha well looking past the lack of representation, you have to give props to the epic sequence in which the tsunami hits. It’s freakin’ powerful and impressive. It really immerses you in that one haunting moment where a perfect paradise becomes a horrifying experience. But the rest of the trailer was a bit too schmaltzy for my opinion. And my biggest beef with this trailer is the fact that it pretty much spoils the entire film right down to what is probably its final frame. It irritates me to no end studios and marketing departments do that. Nevertheless, the disaster sequence has me more than intrigued to give this a shot.
Reminds me of: The Day After Tomorrow, Deep Impact, 2012 and pretty much any disaster film with a tidal wave.  
Excitement meter: Watch.

Les Miserables
Boudius’ take: I have always been a fan of Hathaway. But at the moment she is riding some significant Dark Knight Rises momentum. Her singing in this trailer just builds on it. Despite refusing to admit it at first, I have long since come to terms with the fact that I am a huge fan of musical theater. And this is the pinnacle of it all. They had me at I dreamed.  I honestly cannot wait till I get deeply moved and inspired by this stellar cast! Nad?
Reminds me of: Mamma Mia. Lady and the Tramp. Susan Boyle  
Excitement meter: Pumped.

Nad’s Take: Hmmm you’re right not bad at all. I’m not really a fan of musicals but Hathaway won me ever. Her phenomenal turn in The Dark Knight Rises definitely has me excited. Plus the set design, the epic feel, the all-star cast all look fantastic. I have a feeling the actual film will be a tad boring though. Nevertheless, I’ll give it a chance. And seriously who knew Hathaway could sing?
Reminds me of: Moulin Rouge.    
Excitement meter: Why not.

Nad’s Take: Utterly hilarious. Not only do I love Jennifer Garner who looks like she’s having a ball this one, but Butter has a unique premise and an all-star cast. I’ve been waiting for this film for so long ever since it was announced and the trailer did not disappoint. And Ty Burrell from Modern Family? Olivia Wilde as a butter-churning stripper? Couldn’t get any better. I seriously can not wait for this one. Hopefully it lives up to the potential I know it has.   
Reminds me of: There’s something Stepford Wive-y about this one.    
Excitement meter: Pumped.

Boudius’ Take: Okay so this trailer was my first interaction with the world of butter. And I am absurdly happy about finding out about this gem. Looks like just a bunch of people who got together and had fun. I love the whole Bill/Hillary dynamic. And Olivia Wilde is…Olivia Wilde. I am slightly skeptical about how Stepford-y it actually is(which is meant as a compliment). The whole movie plays out like a more PG Wes Anderson movie except without the French music and Bill Murray. Much like you Nad, I am really looking forward to this.
Reminds me of: Little Miss Sunshine.
Excitement meter: Pumped.

Nad’s Take: The original Judge Dredd was one of my favorite action movies as a kid growing up. It was a fun, slightly creepy romp and I remember Diane Lane was super badass in it. So I will see this out of respect for my childhood. And Lena Headey from Game Of Thrones as a villain called “Ma”? Count me in.    
Reminds me of: The original Judge Dredd.   
Excitement meter: Watch.

Boudius’ Take: Holy Lanister. Haha. You are absolutely right about Lena Heady being a big selling point. She’s done a pretty solid job as the mom from Terminator that I’m more than willing to give her a chance. I guess an edgier Dredd remake was definitely in order considering how stylized the first one was. On some level I am glad that this Dredd appears to be less human than Stallone’s, as should be the case, but on the other hand I am still skeptical about a b-level action remake. I guess I will have to wait and see.
Reminds me of: The Punisher (solid comic made into a second tier action hero movie)
Excitement meter: Watch.

The Tall Man
Nad’s Take: I don’t usually like Jessica Biel or cheap horror movies but this looks strangely intriguing. I know you probably won’t agree Boudius but I thought this trailer set a creepy enough mood with a compelling premise. Hopefully it won’t turn out to be something supernatural (it probably will) as that just ruins 99% of the creepy factor (messed up humans being the villains are always the scariest).    
Reminds me of: mmmm The Forgotten?    
Excitement meter: Watch.

Boudius’ Take: If this movie’s target audience was me then they just hit the jackpot big time. I just played a game called Slender man last weekend which essentially scared me within an inch of my life. This prompted a long research into the myth of slender man, who unfortunately is also known as the tall man and and also kidnaps children and I imagine is the origin of this movie. This has been haunting my existence for a full week and this trailer is not going to help. On another hand I am looking forward to this action heroine phase of the Jessica Alba career. I agree with you though in that I am praying to the fat short man that this is just a creepy human villain. I need this tall man myth to end and die. Poor kids can’t defend themselves. Even though we disagree on the reasons for our interest in the movie I honestly am just hoping neither of us will get disappointed.
Reminds me of: Also The Forgotten
Excitement meter: Watch.

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