Nikita 2×03 – Knightfall

"How does a scared little stray become so good at killing?"


This episode is notable for introducing a different of kind of antagonist – one that Nikita had helped create. Ramone is an especially intriguing character as his history with our heroine made him all the more sinister.

All of Ramone’s scenes were jam-packed with layers of vengeance and regret. He raised an excellent dilemma as he made Nikki question whether did the right thing by letting him live and undergo the hell that Percy put him through. Maggie Q was especially phenomenal in this hour as she continued to struggle with her past. In addition, her breakdown at the end as she hopelessly looked for Michael and then finally jumped into his arms sobbing was just superb. A truly moving moment

And finally, that ending was fantastic with all of the episode’s tension now released, until of course Alex defies Amanda’s orders and takes the shot. It’s a chilling, powerful beat to bookend the hour and Lyndsey Fonseca sells it all with her vengeful eyes.

Bits & Bullets

– Nikki doing Yoga was so very cool for some reason. Nice to see what our superheroine does during her downtime.

– Intriguing flashback with Nikki in the red dress subduing Ramone on a rooftop.

– Everything about the mission with the reporter was hilariously endearing. From Nikita’s reactions of Michael hitting on the reporter, to the Division reveal (and fight), to Birkhoff tricking the agent before Nikki finally knocks her out. Awesome.

– Percy breaking Ramone’s back is just so vile and disturbing.

– Loved the transition as Ramone tells NIkita she created a monster and we cut to Alex and the sniper rifle.

-That was such a Hollywood blockbuster explosion at the end.

Nikki Notables

Michael: So what happened, did you get an alert?
Birkhoff: An alert? It’s not a Twitter feed Michael.

Nikita: (To Michael) Okay Mr. Bond just complete the mission.

Ramone: You can’t beat them. You belong to them. They made you Nikita; they’re the only family you’ve ever had.

Ramone: You can’t save him you’ll die
Nikita: I’m dead without him.

Percy: Ramone will live on. Only he won’t be able to walk. On the bright side, all of our facilities are handicapped accessible.

Amanda: Things are different now. Real change has come to Division, maybe it’s because a woman’s in charge.

Tense and thought-provoking, Knightfall is a splendid hour of Nikita.

Nad Rating


  1. Such a cool, thought-provoking episode. I LOVE that Ramone was sinister in his own special way, making Nikita ponder whether keeping him alive in the past (and thus having him tortured by Percy and turned into a killer) was really a good move or not. I just love that we keep getting bits and pieces of Nikita's past – unlike Alex, who we practically almost know everything about.

    I was so amused by the gang's shenanigans with the reporter – so much fun! And Nikita doing yoga: I knew you'd love that! Very cool and amusing. Also: Shane West must have hit the gym REALLY hard during the summer in between seasons one and two, right?? It's crazy how weak and skinny he looked last year and now suddenly he's got muscles! Someone got jealous of Maggie Q's ripped abs.

    Such a fantastic cliffhanger with Alex and the final shot of her eye. Way to make me watch another episode (as if I wasn't going to anyway!). Loove your reviews as always!

  2. Oh and by the way, I looove that Amanda is in charge now! Wowww. I don't think there's any other show out there that forced me to fall in love with every single female character. They're just all badass and awesome!

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