Nikita 2×05 – Looking Glass

"Leave the killing to the grownups."


While this hour wasn’t as atrocious as I remember, it still strayed far too much into soap-opera territory which simply does not suit a show as complex as Nikita.

I just have to get this off my chest: I detested the reveal of Michael having a son. I really don’t want to see such melodramatic twists on this show. Moreover, the fact that the episode ends with Nikita faced with the decision of telling Michael or keeping it from him is just too overdone. This isn’t The Bold & The Beautiful and there isn’t place on Nikita for moronic storylines such as this one.

On the bright side, this episode at least took the time to try and develop Sean a bit after he spent the season’s first few hours berating Alex and not doing much else. Here his loyalty was on display as he went to great lengths to save a captured Division agent. And while there was a bit too much talk about “doing the right thing”, I at least sort of enjoyed his dynamic with Alex in this one.

Bits & Bullets

– Nikki’s reaction to Michael whoring himself out back in his Division days.

– Amanda threatening Evenchkin to get her agent killed just as Sean and Alex arrive was pretty darn disturbing (and brilliant). Pure delicious evil.

– I was quite amused by Amanda bribing Percy with his suit.

– I liked the fact that we had Sean & Alex infiltrating the party to do one thing, while Nikki & Michael were there for a whole other goal (and interestingly enough the two couples never crossed paths).

– Max’s nanny wielding a gun; didn’t expect that. And I loved Nikki knocking her out with Max’s toy train.

– The actor who plays Max has to be the most irritating child on Earth

– Cassandra’s speech to her speech at the end was also quite painful to watch. Heavy-handed much?

Nikki Notables

Birkhoff: Jet’s ready. Bring your own peanuts.

Alex: (To Sean) Can’t remember the last time someone spoke to Amanda like that. Yes I can, it was me.

Amanda: Sometimes you have to sacrifice a pawn to motivate your knights.

Percy: Amazing how easily the chess metaphors come to mind when you’re running Division isn’t it?

Birkhoff: You guys really need to learn to turn off your comms. And if this week’s General Hospital is over, you might be interested to know that the party has started.

Soapy and forced, this is Nikita‘s weakest episode in quite a long time.

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  1. Da hell was this?! Sooo so bad, I can't believe this was an episode of Nikita. I actually sat and started clicking through my phone, waiting for this to end.

    The baby twist does NOT suit this show at all and I literally saw it coming the moment we first met Max. So horrendous. But what bothered me the MOST about this episode is Nikita's jealousy regarding Michael and Cassandra. He hugs her and she stares at them upset. Then she drills him about how many other women there were. Then at the end, the worst part about this episode, he hugs Cassandra again and mouths to Nikita “I love you”. WHAT!? Who the hell wrote this shit?

    “- The actor who plays Max has to be the most irritating child on Earth” HAHAHHAHA poor kid, you DESTROYED him! But yeah he was so annoying. I rolled my eyes several times during his scenes.

    I also realized that this show can be a little manipulating at times with its entertaining fight scenes and action sequences. I guess a part of what made Dark Angel such a memorable ride for me wasn't the action but the gripping world-building and interesting universe, but that stuff is missing here.

    Or maybe I'm overreacting because this was such a terrible episode? Hahaha PLEASE tell me this is the last time we get an episode like this!!

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