Nikita 2×06 – Walnut Lane 343

"I wanted a home so badly I lost us the one we had."


This hour of Nikita is the perfect embodiment of an all-too-common phenomenon in television: that sub-par episode that suddenly gets really good thanks to a well-executed twist.

On one hand, I found the introduction of Nikita’s father during the first half of the episode to be quite tedious and uninteresting. However, once it was revealed that he was a Division plant, things suddenly got quite riveting. Does that mean I should forgive what came before just because the final 15 minutes were so excellent? I don’t think so.

I do have to hand it to Maggie Q though; she was quite stunning in this one. Percy’s plan to give Nikita a father was just heartbreaking, and our heroine played it perfectly as she cried in her “father’s” arms during a particularly touching moment.  I also enjoyed the insight into her guilt concerning the various truths she keeps from the people she loves. Flawed heroines are definitely the most intriguing.

Moreover, I do have to hand it to the writers for making up for the horribly soapy twist of the last episode with Max being Michael’s son. That horrid development is still there, but the writers at least had the decency to have Nikita reveal the truth at the end of this hour and not drag it out any longer (which would have been traumatic for us viewers).

Bits & Bullets

– Fun flashback to Recruit Nikita kicking ass in the training room.

– That was a pretty great kitchen fight scene between Nikita and Richard.

– Roan & the sniper rifle was super badass.

– There are just too many scenes of people talking to Percy through his glass prison.

– Is it just me or does this episode feel like “The Alex Fashion Show” with all the panning camera shots and stylish outfits (in an underground bunker no less).

– Loved rampage Nikki brutally beating up her fake dead.

– Although I hated Birkhoff’s drones the first time,  reusing them here to save the gang’s life was pretty darn exciting.

– Epic moment as Nikita leaves, then returns a split second later to take Richard’s life.

– Love the beaten up gang at the end as Birkhoff unveils and drives off in his Maserati.

Nikki Notables

Michael: He’s gonna have a headache.
Nikita: Better him than me.

Amanda: (About Nikita) She’s like a dog that’s been kicked its whole life. All it knows how to do is lash out.
Percy: And how would you make the bitch yield?

Percy: So now the tool that was designed to motivate a recruit Nikita, becomes a weapon to destroy rogue Nikita. Never let anything go to waste.

Nikita: How about I reopen that wound my mother stitched?

While it does get pretty fantastic at the end, 343 Walnut Lane is a pretty uneven episode of Nikita.

Nad Rating


  1. For a show running on a CW budget, i'm always impressed by how willing the producers are to just blow everything up to hell and just rebuild. I'm gonna miss that “rebel base”… Good god birkhoff really earned his nerd nickname. And it's beyond me how they manage such amazing special effects when other shows have tons more money and look CGIed. (coughonceuponatimecough).
    And Alex looked hot as hell in that church scene. Scorching hot.

  2. Really impressed with how they continue to change the setting of the show every now and then, but this was another weak episode! So sad 🙁

    I didn't see Nikita's fake-father twist coming either! I really loved it, very well-executed. And good lord, I hope they never mention Michael's baby daddy storyline EVER again.

    “The Alex Fashion Show” hahhahaha I died, Nads. So true! Not complaining because Lyndsy Fonesca is gorgeous!

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