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Revolution 1×01 – Pilot

"I for one would like to keep my insides on the inside."


Whew. Although the previews looked cheesy, I just knew Revolution would have an incredible pilot thanks to its pedigree. The show’s creator is Eric Kripke of Supernatural fame, and it’s produced by Lost and Alias mastermind J.J. Abrams. Thankfully, I’m delighted to say this was one terrific pilot.

First off, that teaser was one of the most impressive I’ve ever seen. From the iPhone turning off to planes falling out of the sky, the sequence was simply phenomenal. And it all culminates in a fantastic moment an an eerie, haunting silence takes over and the entire globe goes dark. Much like Lost & the ill-fated Flashforward, it’s a remarkably stunning opening.

I’ve always been a fan of pilots that immediately jump straight into the thick of things and Revolution is no different. There’s a quiet confidence to the show’s tone and a variety of outstanding visuals (the submerged church, the abandoned airplanes, the lush landscapes) that add to the majestic scope. Kripke and Abrams brought to a life one heck of a dystopic world that I can’t wait to see more of.

As for the cast, I’m pleased to say that I like almost all of them. Miles is a definite standout and I do hope he takes over as the show’s primary protagonist. Charlie is much too weak for my liking and will undoubtedly start to grate on my nerves fast. Maggie and Aaron also proved to be enjoyable to watch while Neville was quite the intimidating and ruthless antagonist. I’m also quite intrigued to learn more about Monroe whom we discovered has a special connection to Miles.

Furthermore, I’d just like to say how ecstatic I am that Elizabeth Mitchell is part of the show. She was a highlight on Lost and one of the few brights spots in V. She sells everything, even the heartbreak as she feeds her daughter ice cream one last time in the flashback. I’m sure everything is not as it seems and we’ll be seeing more of her as the show progresses.

If I had to criticize anything about the pilot, it would be the seeds planted for a forbidden love story between Charlie and Nate which the show definitely does not need. I really hope that relationship doesn’t become a focus because it could sink the show and Nate is much too bland a character so far.

And finally, the pilot’s end scene was particularly outstanding as the woman who took in Danny turns on a computer and chats with an unknown figure. Suffice to say this pilot and that ending hooked me completely.

Revolutionary Bits

– What is on that USB?

– Spring taxes? The Monroe Republic? So many questions.

– Chilling scene as Ben is shot and Danny is taken by the militia.

– Fantastic attack inside the airplane as Jamie tricks a guy into drinking poison vodka (before slitting his throat) and Nate the bow-hunter saves Charlie from getting raped.

– I immediately want to know more about the woman who took in Dany.

– Why did the lights went out? And how can they be turned back on? I’m sufficiently curious.

– Nate is militia. Hmm…

– I really didn’t expect Miles to be such a badass. That sword-fight was superbly choreographed.

– I like the gang of misfits that our character formed at the end.

– So what happened to Monroe exactly?

– The score during that final scene was especially rousing and epic.

Dystopic Digs

Neville: Sir, owning a firearm is a hanging offense.
Villager: So go hang yourself.

Aaron: I used to work at this place called Google.
Charlie: That was a computer thing right.
Aaron: 80$ millions dollars in the bank and I’d trade it all for a roll of Charmin.

Charlie: We’re family.
Miles: (To Charlie) Kid if I’m coming with you, you’re going to have to dial it back a notch.

Compelling and stunningly-produced, Revolution is off to a great start with one of the most incredible pilots I’ve ever seen.

Nad Rating


  1. Just finished watching the pilot a while ago.

    I agree with you about the Nate-Charlie relationship angle; pretty lame. It's like: wha? huh? bleh!

    Billy Burke and a sword? Cool! I love this guy. Revolution is sold on me due to him.

    Truly hope the writers don't botch this good series start.

    Thanks for the review, Nadim. As usual, a good one.

  2. Excellent I'm glad you watched it now we can keep track of the shwo together and see if it manages to retain the quality of the pilot! Let's hope they don't pursue the Nate-Charlie thing though. I felt like that was the pilot's only glaring flaw! Otherwise, a great hour filled with potential.

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