Nikita 2×08 – London Calling

"If you don't take it, you're going to be left with "what if?" That is the most dangerous question I know."


I’m not a big fan of Shane West. Although I’ve grown to appreciate his strengths after watching him for two seasons, I still find him to be quite lifeless and uncharismatic a lot of the time. This episode is the perfect embodiment of that and although he improves towards the end of the season, it’s still one of the weakest hours the show’s ever produced.

I really found myself distracted while watching this episode; West as an actor just doesn’t hook me so having an hour dedicated to him was quite tedious. Moreover, what exactly does Cassandra bring to the show? The arc really sucked any sort of momentum the season had going for it this year which is a pity after last season’s excellence. I did enjoy her reveal as an MI-6 agent however as that was at least unexpected. In addition, her handler was a horrible, cheesy villain who made the hour even worse. Suffice to say, this entire Cassandra-Max mess is the biggest misstep Nikita has ever done and I’m glad we’re through with them.

Usually when Nikita’s plot is weak, Alex makes up for it (or vice versa). However here, our little protege didn’t fare much better running around as Percy’s lackey and wiring money while flirting with a conniving Sean. It all felt very pedestrian and forced.

Speaking of forced, could the episode’s final scene have been more dramatic? While Maggie Q has undoubtedly grown as an actress this year (she played the scene perfectly), the ending was exactly the kind of soap opera crap I didn’t want this show to fall into. Oh dear…

Bits & Bullets

– Nikita and Michael kicking ass in the club was a pretty great scene. I especially enjoyed Nikki twirling off the ceiling.

– Percy activating some sort of Protocol with a Guardian is intriguing.

– And where was Amanda in this episode exactly? And are we really supposed to believe she hasn’t been monitoring Alex’s conversations with Prison Percy?

– Maggie Q looked beautiful in that final scene. The hottest in quite a while (thank you leather pants).

Nikki Notables

Nikita: Office space?
Birkhoff: Nikita Incorporated baby.

Forced and not particularly exciting, London Calling is one of Nikita‘s weakest episodes yet.

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  1. Cassandra and Max are back NOOOOO!! Ok, so you pretty much stated everything I wanted to say about this episode but I still need to rant. Maybe a show is allowed to have a soapy subplot because it's just the easier route in a 22-episode serialized season so I would forgive them for that, but THIS–all of this episode–was unacceptable. How was any of this allowed to air?

    The Alex stuff was even more groan-inducing than Michael/Nikita/Cassandra. I'm sick of this Sean guy who always looks like he's got ink on his lips (very annoying) and to hear him tell Alex “kiss me”: my jaw dropped because I didn't know if he was kidding or not. It was just sooo bad. Make it stop.

    And seriously, what is with that overdramatic final scene? Nikita suddenly breaking up with Michael was very forced (and definitely agree that this was probably Shane West's weakest hour yet) and her entire speech really bothered me, what with the whole “I know you” and “you wouldn't be able to live with yourself”. Nikina mish Nikita sorna ๐Ÿ˜›

    And the episode title “London Calling” just cracks me up. So horrible, it's actually brilliantly fitting. Love reading your evil reviews every now and then, so this is sort of a blessing in disguise for me!

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