Nikita 2×10 – Guardians

"Nikita, we don't have many friends left."


I knew this would be sort of disappointing after last week’s brilliance so at least there weren’t any high expectations for this one. It’s a shame though because the same thing happened in the first season after “All The Way”. Oh well, such is the wonderfully uneven world of television I guess.

First off, I didn’t really enjoy Owen in this one. I usually really enjoy the character but he seemed much too jealous of Michael and Nikita in this one. While I would like to see the two together (as creepy as that may be), his behavior and various sneaky looks seemed forced.

Moreover, I did NOT enjoy Amanda being an idiot. Are we seriously expected to believe that the woman who has a bug and wire tap on every single person’s phone didn’t bother keeping an eye on Percy and allowed him to carry out his devious plans under her nose? Totally unacceptable and lazy writing.

Finally, I totally saw the reveal with Alex’s mom coming. And honestly, I’m sick of such twists. Sure it was brilliant when Alias did it, but can’t spy writers today come up with something more original? On the plus side, I remember finding Percy’s narration pretty on-the-nose the first time but I actually sort of enjoyed it on rewatch.

Bits & Bullets

– Alex beating up thugs with a pool stick: pure awesomeness.

– Owen cooking breakfast for Nikita; adorable. I really do want them together (as creepy as that would be).

– So were Percy and Amanda ever in an (S&M) relationship? It sure sounds like it.

– Touching and beautifully played scene by Maggie Q as she confesses to Owen how people keep getting hurt around her.

– Enough with the flashbacks of Alex’ dad. The whole hitting her head thing I could have done without. She’s not supposed to be this inept and clumsy.

– Roan is Percy’s s mole;  I think everybody saw that coming.

– Nikki and the Guardian’s conversation in the prison bus was pretty intriguing, that is until it was interrupted by a rocket launcher and Michael’s return.

– If I hear “it’s the right thing to do” one more time, I just might hang myself.

Nikki Notables

Owen: (To Nikita) Speaking of which, where is your scruffier half?

Owen: (To Nikita) Division gave you a gift: when they gave you the ability to kill, they also gave you the ability to protect.

Ari: (To Owen) Single-celled organism. It’s no wonder Percy assigned you to watch a box.

Somewhat disappointing following last week’s masterpiece, but still an entertaining hour.

Nad Rating

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  1. I totally understand your disappointment in that final twist but I didn't see it coming because the show has been hitting us with flashbacks of Alex's father FOREVER so I was expecting him to turn out alive. To have it be her mother instead kind of caught me off guard! I hope she's not a Division agent or anything, though. That would be too much. I hope the show doesn't get too twisty like that.

    I want to see what happened to Ryan at Division damn it!

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