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Over the past year, Lebanon’s peculiar burger craze has really gotten out of control. It seems like everywhere I look, a new burger joint pops up that’s apparently “the best” in town (and yes that statement is getting old fast). And while some restaurants have earned their reputation for delivering quality burgers, not all of them are quite so successful. A good friend of mine recently recommended Burger Bites and let me tell you, he’s not going to remain one for much longer.

The place itself is not particularly striking. The decor and atmosphere are bland and uninspired. It’s small and clean, but there’s nothing special or particularly memorable about it. However, the real tragedy is the food. As I scan the menu in sweet anticipation, I am advised to order a special platter of four mini-burgers to which I happily oblige. I select three beef burgers: the cheese, bacon, and jalapeno one – and they’re all equally atrocious. The bread is stale, the meat unimpressive, and the toppings below average. However, the worst offense is undoubtedly the chicken burger. Actually, calling it a chicken burger is much too kind because that concoction consists of a chewy piece of cartilage slathered in disgusting mayo. Suffice to say, it’s terrible and actually one of the first times in my life I do not finish my plate (a blasphemous and sinful act in my case).

And to further pour salt over the wound, the fries are unacceptably horrid. That is, if you can even classify half-heated potato chips as fries. Seriously when a restaurant screws up the fries portion of a burger platter, you know you’re going to regret it (and I surely will).

The place’s only highlight is the service. The waiter in charge of us was polite and always quick to cater to our every need. It’s a real shame he’s trapped in such a frightful place. As for the price, I honestly can’t remember although I do know I should have been the one paid for sitting through that mess of a meal.

All in all, Burger Bites is an absolute disaster. It’s places like these that make me appreciate the hard work that goes into preparing a truly scrumptious and satisfying burger. Do yourself a favor and avoid at all costs.

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  1. Thanks for keeping us away from this one 😉
    Truly funny review, by the way…
    Just one comment/advice: you should find a nice way (some kind of map or at least some kind of address) to systematically locate the restaurants you're reviewing.

  2. haha could not agree more. I think it was because we had such high expectations coming in that were immediately sunk with that first bite 😛 But I have to say I do like the concept of mini burgers since they allow you to taste a variety of flavor profiles. They definitely need to work on their fries- if you can call them fries that is. ” half-heated potato chips” is definitely the way to describe them.
    To open a place where only burgers are sold inherently means that these burgers have to be amazing. Mediocre burgers will not fly. The place has its work cut out for it.

    Nad I'm loving the restaurant reviews. Keep them up buddy 🙂

  3. I agree that I like the concept of mini-burgers too; that's why I was so excited to give this place a shot. Too bad it was such a disappointment.

    And thanks buddy I will most definitely keep on going!

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