Nikita 2×13 – Clean Sweep

"Such a commanding presence. It's like she's leading the new Crusades."


Another stunner. Nikita continues to soar this year as things get even crazier and more complex. It’s all so exciting and thrilling as the show is finally tapping into its full badass potential on a regular basis.

This episode was another game-changer for the show as Nikita saves Madeline Pierce who offers her a pardon so she can take down Division. I never expected this to happen so soon in the show’s run but it’s an organic development for the show and one that fits into the mythology quite realistically.

Moreover, I have to say Percy was probably my favorite in this one for the first time in quite a while. I’ve made it clear that I don’t really love the character but he was superb last year when he revealed that he had known about our protagonists’ plans and here he was equally amazing manipulating everybody in sight (from his transport guards to Nikita as he revealed that Michael had shockingly known about the Daniel kill-order).

And finally, the episode’s ending (as in most cases with this show since the beginning) is absolutely awesome. Amanda sets a glass of red wine for herself looking all gorgeous and calls her mystery ally whose identity is finally revealed – Ari. It’s a wonderful twist that makes perfect sense in the grand scheme of things and perfectly explains Gogol’s involvement in this episode’s proceedings. Their devious partnership as they discuss Alex’s role and Amanda’s plans for Nikita ushers in a new phase for the show. And I for one, can not wait.

Bits & Bullets

– Pretty sweet visual with Amanda standing inside the prison as Percy finally steps out of it.

– Loved Percy brutally escaping his transport car.

– Alex facing off with Roan was super creepy. Their chase was nail-biting culminating in Alex’s brilliance decision to hide inside the cage.

– Epic moment as Percy has all the Oversight members killed except for Madeline.

– Amanda panicking and grabbing the gas mask was an awesome moment.

– Love the phone conversation as Madeline realizes she’s “lost control” of Amanda. So ominous and delightful.

– Percy has a new trifecta of evil now, with badass rock music no less. I love it.

Nikki Notables

Amanda: (About Roan) Once I find out who he’s working with, I intend to drown him in a pool of his own acid.

Percy: Michael I see you’re embracing the whole rebel-without-a-cause motif, right down to the hairstyle.

Percy: (To Sean) I can still see your pimply face on the Christmas cards.

Birkhoff: (To Alex) Holy crap you’re alive, I though the terminator got you.

Clean Sweep is a complex and layered hour that further escalates the stakes in fantastic fashion.

Nad Rating

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  1. Love this! Seriously, I couldn't have asked for a better ending: Amanda with her glass of wine, making a phone call to Ari and devilishly plotting against Nikita and Alex. In fact, I often hate when characters say they're going to kill off the main hero (because of course they won't) and yet Amanda saying that she's got a future planned for Nikita – a short one too, is still amazingly convincing. That's quite impressive.

    And how scary is Roan? I don't know what it is about this guy (the half-burned face? the tone of his voice?) but he is just very intimidating, even more so than Percy. And FINALLY that guy is out of his cage. Took him long enough. I can't wait to see how Percy, Amanda, Ari and Nikita's plans all collide.

    This show seriously has the most badass villains I've ever seen on TV! In fact, all the characters right now are just incredible. So cool and rare on television shows nowadays!

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