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Giggles’ Restaurant Review – Moti Mahal

A warm welcome to our newest guest-blogger, Giggles!

A craving for Indian Food amidst the summer heat?

Nothing could have discouraged me and my husband from trying out the new Indian restaurant in Zaitunay Bay. Not the empty tables, nor the staring waiters, and not even our “I’m full of energy I feel like running on the tables today” one-year old toddler.

We arrive to the clean, brand new place where everything is intact and just “so in place”. The décor does not scream Indian, nor is it hip and stylish.  Not my style but pretty inviting and comfortable. We are welcomed by a tall, pretty and very sweet hostess who asks us to choose our seats. The place is totally empty and never for a moment does she pretend that she’s busy and all is booked. “Oops…” she says “we don’t have a high chair for your son”. A bit disappointing but excused! To be honest, who would bring their child along on a weekend lunch in Zaitunay Bay? In fact children never go to Zaitunay Bay as they probably prefer to stay at home to nurse their hangovers.

I do not get the chance to look at the menu as my husband loves the business of ordering food. He orders Dahl, Butter Chicken , Biryani rice and the Indian  Equivalent of Shish Taouk. Our food takes no time to arrive which is very much appreciated as we’ve run out of things to entertain our son with. We take turns eating as one of us has to babysit. We eat fast and we eat messy as we try to share food with the baby. But it’s worth it, as the food is superb and mild just as we requested. The chicken is tender and the rice perfectly cooked. Moreover, the bread is as fresh as ever, with a sprinkled surprise of aromatic herbs.

The waiter is friendly and attentive. It seems it’s not so bad to be the only passengers on the bus sometimes. And as we wait for the bill, another couple WITH A BABY arrives! They choose to sit outside on the terrace for some fresh heat from the sea.

“No, we do not deliver”  the waiter says. Too bad. Nevertheless a good decision as I can’t imagine how this food will taste like after a bike ride. In no time, the bill arrives… $100!!! …100 USD for three dishes, rice, bread and two sodas! I guess we should have paid more attention to the prices when we were offered the menu but to be honest, said we should expect to pay between $15-30.

Only now do we realize that it’s not the summer heat that keeps people away from Indian food.

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  1. I haven't had good Indian food in quite a while. The last place I tried was Yasmina (which was fantastic) a few months ago. Will definitely give this place a shot soon (or perhaps when it's not so damn hot anymore).

  2. Moti Mahal's tandoori (grills) are top-notch, especially the mint-yogurt marinated chicken. The Indian stews are unexceptional. For those (and a more reasonably-priced option), head to El Hindi inside Palm Beach Hotel.
    Yasmina I've tried once before, but I felt the authentic Indian dishes were rather scarce. Most of the menu is fusion food catering to the Lebanese palate.

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