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Restaurant – Tavolina

A thoroughly memorable treat

While I’ve become quite the burger fanatic over the last couple of years, I’m also a guy who’s always appreciated good Italian food. Tavolina, situated in the heart of an impressively booming Mar Mikhael, is not just good, it’s pretty darn amazing.

Shockingly enough, every single plate I taste is fantastic. For appetizers, I sample a delicious bresaola and a mouthwatering Shitaki mushroom platter (which I secretly wish I was not sharing with my fellow eaters as it’s beyond heavenly). For the main course, we order an assortment of Italian delights, each more succulent than the last. The Diavola pizza topped with spicy peperoni is incredible, and the rich mushroom risotto is beyond creamy and flavorful. As for the pastas, I sample a magnificent white truffle oil concoction, but the true highlight is undoubtedly a pesto gnocchi that tastes as spectacular as it looks.

As for dessert, the creme brulee proves to be quite scrumptious, while a chocolate souffle with a scoop of vanilla ice cream is completely decimated within seconds. We also try several scoops of a marvelous raspberry sorbet and a lusciously zesty lemon equivalent. It’s worth mentioning that the food arrives at a tremendously rapid pace that’s truly staggering (and satisfying).

If there’s anything I’m not too fond of at Tavolina, it’s the setting. While not particularly terrible, there’s really nothing exceptional about the place’s look. Nevertheless, I do appreciate the assortment of old-school lightbulbs dangling from the ceiling.

Finally, the pricing could be a bit on the expensive side for Italian cuisine (around $50 per person) but the food’s remarkable quality is definitely worth it. In addition, the waitress in charge of us is superb – sweet and courteous at all times, while doing an excellent job of recommending the majority of the delectable dishes we ordered.

All in all, Tavolina just might be my new favorite Italian restaurant in Beirut. Dining there was a real pleasure and I for one can not wait to drop by again and further sample its outstanding variety of treats. An undeniable success.

Nad Rating


  1. Come vai Nad?? I agree with !! Tavolina is a real italian delight! As a dessert person, I can say the creme brulee is exceptional ! Shitaki mushroom platter is perfect !! I would eat it alone as well !! Your description is very accurate of all the food ! Concerning the place, it is quite simple, and small. Tables are too close to each other, in addition to the people who were waiting to be seated, no specific lounge or chairs for them , which made the place somehow chaotic.
    it is an A

  2. Thank you Zeina! And you're quite right about the people standing over your head. It definitely got a bit too crowded at the end! Nevertheless when the food is this delicious, I'm willing to let that slide.

  3. Nadim I couldn't agree more! Tavolina is now one of my favorite Italian places. I loved the pizza, and of course the mushroom plate, which we should have NOT shared, and best of all is the gnocchi plate, delicious!!! The service was superb really, I was impressed. What Zeina said about the people waiting is true, but as you said we are willing to let it slide since we looooved the food there;))

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