Nikita 2×14 – Rogue

"I'm seeing the appeal of being on the rogue. It's exciting."


Just when you think you have a show figured out, it goes on and introduces yet another enigma who more than flips the show over on its head in some utterly fascinating ways.

One thing I’m loving about Nikita the past few episodes is the captivating web of shifting allegiances between the cast. It seems like every episode, the chess board gets scrambled and different characters start mixing together. As a viewer, you seriously need a scoreboard to keep track of who’s loyal to who and who’s double-crossing who. But of course that’s part of the fun.

But on to the episode’s biggest twist: who would have guessed that the hobo that began this episode would end up being the centerpiece of the show’s vast mythology? The introduction of Carla Bennett is much more compelling than I remember, and I loved the fantastic reveal that she was the one who created Division. She’s a real enigma, and I’m really looking forward to discovering more about her past. Moreover, Erica Gimpbell is such an engaging presence and I loved her various flashbacks with Nikita. Maggie Q was of course superb as always, particularly during the sequence that showed us the original cop shooting in the halfway house.

Bits & Bullets

– Percy calling 911 just before murdering the detective was so wonderfully sinister.

– Michael got a haircut! Hallelujah!

– Loved the opening sparring scene between Nikita & Michael.

– Percy’s phone call to Nikki was utterly haunting. He’s more hell-bent than ever before on hurting her.

– Awesome twist with Amanda wanting Carla dead (even more-so than Percy)

– Carla touching Roan’s face was so very creepy. But it definitely has me curious.

– Amanda telling Alex she’ll always be with her was wonderfully creepy and motherly.

Nikki Notables

Percy: (To Nikita) I’m seeing the appeal of being on the rogue, on the run. It’s exciting.

Nikita: (To Percy) Bring it on. All the people I love carry guns.

Percy: (To Nikita) You wanted Daddy’s attention, you got it.

Michael: If it’s one thing I know, the truth can set you free.
Nikita: Or put you in a whole new prison.

 Compelling and full or surprises, Rogue is another impressive hour of Nikita.

Nad Rating


  1. I absolutely loved this episode and the previous episode (Clean Sweep) of Nikita! Simply brilliant! The show has hooked me right in after the yawn-worthy first 8 episodes. This is actually the last episode I saw and I have a few more until I catch up fully. Some of the things I'm thinking about:

    – Now that Oversight is pretty much destroyed (thanks to Percy), what is Amanda going to do with Ryan?

    – Carla Bennett! How much of a coincidence was it that she “helped” Nikita? Also, junkie Nikita was quite the impressive fighter!

    – What is Amanda and Gogol's real plan for Alex and Zetrov? Do they really expect her to push aside Samok and take over the company while playing their little puppy? I think not. They're up to something.

    – Of course Amanda's real issue with Carla Bennett (and Carla claiming she has no idea what it is) has me very curious. This Carla really pulls off the innocent / clueless face well which is not an image I would have expected for the founder of Division.

    – Lastly, any chance the show will be renewed for a 3rd season after the epicness of the last few episodes?

    Great reviews Nad! Really enjoyed them!

  2. Tala I'm quite glad you're loving the season and you agree over the magnificent turnaround in quality. The first 8 episodes were indeed embarrassing.
    I don't want to spoil anything for you but the few episodes you have left particularly the last one aired is beyond wonderful so keep going 🙂
    Unfortunately, with regards to season 3,it doesn't look like it's going to happen. It's sad because as much as fans and critics alike are loving it, the ratings are truly terrible.
    Nevertheless, miracles so happen in television so join in my prayers!

  3. I love what you said about the show shifting its characters' allegiances almost every hour. So true, and it really is part of what makes this show fun and unique in its own special way! I love that there are so many different sides – Nikita, Division, and Percy (and Ari, I guess), and they ALL come together to fight in this episode (and pretty much the last 2 epic episodes). What a seriously impressive task. And I love how serialized this show is! Wow.

    Did not see the Carla twist coming at the end. It's kind of brilliant! But I don't think I like her character so much yet. Since she plays a HUGE part of the show's mythology, though, I'm guessing they'll flesh her out more soon and I'll start to warm up to her more.

    So sad to hear that the show had horrible ratings even THIS early on! Wow, did not expect that. For some odd reason, I assumed it was bringing in good numbers for The CW. Ah well at least we got 4 seasons so not really complaining!

    Really loved Maggie Q in this one. Keep sending in interviewsss as I've gotten obsessed with her awesome personality now!

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