Nikita 2×16 – Doublecross

"Okay, interrogation... I'm terrified. What do you wanna know?"


This episode while not mindblowing, was further evidence of the show’s excellent quality this year.

First off, I loved Percy’s plan to turn Division against Amanda. However little did he know she had a wildcard (Ryan) which she perfectly used to get Nikita’s attention. I’d been waiting for Ryan to return so this was an excellent development.

Second, I absolutely loved the team using Carla to get to Percy. It’s smart writing decisions such as this one that win me over. After all, how stupid would Nikita and the team have been if they hadn’t noticed Carla texting Percy under their nose? This twist really proves that the writers actually trust the audience and don’t resort to plot contrivances and rendering our intelligent characters stupid.

Speaking of our team, Birkoff was phenomenal in this. His scene with Carla was simply brilliant as I actually feared for his life so I was quite happy when he shot that nutcase dead. She really became very annoying throughout this hour so it was definitely satisfying to see her perish.

Finally, although I never liked Cassandra’s inclusion into the Nikita mythology, the episode’s twist with her being the Gogol mole on track to kill Semak was especially excellent and I look forward to seeing everyone collide yet again. This was a great step in redeeming the character and tying everything together.

Bits & Bullets

– Really didn’t expect Nikki to lose a fight and get stabbed.

– The look on Nikki’s face when she realizes Ryan is alive is just chilling.

– Hilarious Birkhoff punching Percy and hurting himself in the process.

– Very amusing scene as Sean takes out the guards for Alex with a smile on his face.

– Fantastic scene with Birkhoff killing Carla who goes nuts with a machine gun.

– Nikki & Ryan’s hug was extremely touching and beautiful.

– Epic moment as Nikki kills the Guardian using her brains (by knocking out the pipes). Outstanding and hilarious.

– Nikita forgiving Birkhoff for killing Carla was wonderful.

Nikki Notables

Ryan: Amanda’s kept me alive to help her work on her special projects.
Birkhoff: I really hope for his sake that’s not a euphemism.

Amanda: This trade is an opportunity. Nikita will be expecting a doublecross. Let’s not disappoint her.

 All in all, while not fantastic, this was another solid hour of Nikita.

Nad Rating

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  1. I loved this one so much! So glad Carla died, I never truly liked her. But to have Birkhoff shoot her? Wow never saw it coming! I'm so glad the show doesn't insult our intelligence and immediately reveals that Nikita's known about Carla texting Percy. It's little details like this that can really change the way you view these characters.

    The tears in Nikita's eyes and the chilling score when she hears Ryan's voice on the phone: woww amaaazinng! Speaking of which, finally Ryan is back! Let's hope he gets to be involved now.

    I actually didn't like the ending with Cassandra. I don't want to see her again!!!

    “Amanda: This trade is an opportunity. Nikita will be expecting a doublecross. Let's not disappoint her.”
    Hahahhahaha how epic is this line? I love Amanda more and more with every passing episode, and unlike season 1 she's getting a LOT of screen-time this year! Woohooo the more the merrier!

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