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American Horror Story 1×03 – Murder House

"I also remember every time I see that ghostly eye, that I was - and continue to be - a hell of a shot."


And I thought it couldn’t get any crazier! Seriously, this is the most insane show I’ve ever watched and I’m loving it. It’s definitely not for everyone though; it’s disturbing, gorey, and just practically uncomfortable to watch on every level. But, it’s also wholly engrossing and addictive. While I’m not the biggest fan of Ryan Murphy, he’s managed to craft a world (and tone) here that’s really unlike anything else on television.

Beginning with the shocking opening of Constance shooting Moira and her husband dead, the episode did not let down as we were treated to a series of startling sequences and unexpected developments. From Moira’s various disputes with Ben, to the revealing flashbacks of the house’s first inhabitants, to Larry striking Hayden dead, I was just totally riveted by pretty much everything going on. Dylan McDermott and Connie Britton are simply excellent in their roles and are doing an incredible job of grounding the characters. Connie in particular is amazing and manages to make every scene worthwhile.

And really I know I can’t keep praising Jessica Lange every week but there are no words to describe how mesmerizing she is on screen as Constance. Every line, every delivery, is basked with layers and dimensions that you could write case studies about. Is she the show’s Big Bad? It sure looks like it sometimes, and yet she’s inherently likeable and charismatic as she bosses Moira around and threatens her every chance she gets. Speaking of Moira, Frances Conroy is also outstanding and I have a zillion more questions where her character is concerned (and not the kind of questions that I feel will never get answered a la Lost).

The strongest episode yet, American Horror Story continues to fire on all cylinders with a fascinating and engrossing hour of television.

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