American Horror Story

American Horror Story 1×04 – Halloween Part 1

"That girl has got another cupcake coming!"


Excellent. This show just keeps on going and it’s still as deliciously sick as ever.

I loved everything about this hour. First off, I loved the opening flashback with the original gay couple. Turns out it wasn’t a suicide after all (hello latex man who’s been causing trouble for quite a while). But I was even more surprised when the couple resurfaced on Halloween. Of course, they weren’t the only ones to return as we got one hell of an epic ending as Hayden appeared at the Harmons’ home. Superb.

On the other hand, they killed off Adelade which was quite sad, but it at least gave us a lot of scenes of Constance screen-time who as it turns out did have a very loving albeit sick relationship with her daughter. I particularly liked Constance dragging her daughter’s body to the house where she will presumably live on as a ghost.

And finally, Moira got an especially touching scene as her mother died and begged her to leave with her (which she couldn’t do as we’re assuming she’s trapped in the house) I’m definitely intrigued and Frances Conroy is of courseĀ  brilliant.

And what is up with Vivien’s pregnancy? Did the doctor see a mini latex baby and faint? I guess we’re about to find out.

Twisted and thrilling, this was another winner from American Horror Story.

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