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American Horror Story 1×05 – Halloween Part 2

"She's like those lonely fat chicks that marry guys on death row."


This was my least favorite episode so far. It’s weird because it had all the ingredients to make it the best episode yet but somehow, I found it quite messy and unsatisfying after the brilliance that came before.

First off, the Hayden storyline wasn’t as exciting as I would have hoped. It just felt anticlimactic after the previous episode’s epic ending. Moreover, the actress who plays her is starting to grate on my nerves with her whining. Thankfully, the microwave dog thing didn’t really happen because I would have stopped watching the show right then and there. (I really can’t tolerate animal cruelty even in fictional settings).

I think the weakest part of the hour was Tate’s storyline. Although I’m intrigued by his shooting up the high school kids and basically slaughtering a gang of them, the subplot dragged on for a bit too long. I’m really not a fan of young actors and he’s no different.

Of course, Constance was a highlight again as I adored her scene with Violet. Strangely enough, I didn’t really see the twist with Tate being her son coming (as obvious as it probably was). I have a feeling the identities of her other sons will also prove to be quite absorbing.

While definitely still compelling, this was the weakest hour of American Horror Story so far.

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