Nikita 2×20 – Shadow Walker

"Bullet I can handle. Suit and the blouse we're gonna have to talk about later."


The second half of the show’s second season has been firing on all cylinders and this episode was no exception. It was utterly superb in addition to being the single funniest episode Nikita’s ever done.

 There was just a real sense of fun throughout particularly with Alex who was a hilarious member of the spy family this week. It’s a true accomplishment really that a show as frequently intense as Nikita can produce such as an endearing and amusing hour. And yet that’s exactly what the show has done. Color me impressed.

While this was undoubtedly Birkhoff’s episode, Alex got some wonderful material to work with as well in “Shadow Walker”.  I especially loved her scene with Michael in the car as she professed how dedicated she is to their “fight” and her worries over finding love. It’s been a while since these two got together and talked and I really adored it. There’s a wonderful sibling dynamic between them and I really applaud the writers for not making it any more than that.

As for Birkoff, I really can’t believe just how far the character has come since the show’s inception. He started out as an irritating cardboard character behind a desktop in Division, and slowly evolved into a multi-faceted and integral member of the cast. The writers have crafted a subtle and nuanced relationship between him and Nikita which was further exemplified during this episode. It was great to see her express just how much he means to her as their dynamic has brought a lighter side to the Nikki character in the process.

Speaking of Nikita, my god what a beautifully perfect ending to the episode. It was so simple yet spoke volumes as to how loving and protective of each other our awesome Spy Family have become. In fact, if this was the final scene in the show’s series finale, I wouldn’t be more pleased. Sure there’s a lot of plot stuff that hasn’t been resolved yet but on an emotional level, I adored Alex giving Birkoff the cheque as they got ready for dinner and Nikita watched on. Simply perfect.

Bits & Bullets

– Alex sure looked beautiful during that opening bank heist.

– Loved the little touch of comedy as Birkhoff snatched the briefcase from Nikki.

– Shane West has really grown as an actor. I used to find him useless. Truly impressive.

– Epic action scene as Birkhoff gets Nikita shot and Alex brings out the shotgun.

– Nikita & Birkhoff’s verbal knockdown was unexpected yet very well done.

– Alex saying “Roan drives like a little old lady” was pretty damn priceless. Actually, Alex was priceless the entire hour as the Spy Family’s new tech-geek.

– Brilliantly brutal fight scene in the police station as Nikita breaks the guy’s hand and then gets smashed around like a rag doll.

– 2 episodes without Amanda: unacceptable. But unlike last week, I didn’t even notice until the episode had ended.

Nikki Notables

Nikita: You know if this whole “saving the world from evil masterminds” thing doesn’t work out, I think we have a real future in armed robbery.
Michael: Does that mean we can rob a bank with actual money next time?
Nikita: You can be Robin Hood. I’ll take the money and give it to the poor.
Michael: Okay for the record, I’m never wearing tights.
Nikita: Then I’m not doing it.
Michael: Fine I’ll wear tights.

Nikita: Birkhoff come on, haven’t you always wanted to bankroll the revolution?

Alex: Three trucks? Did Percy convert his millions to ones and fives?

Alex: See I told you it was a thing!
Michael: I guess Birkoff saw the same movie.

Frequently witty and across-the-board exciting, this was one of Nikita‘s most memorable episodes.

Nad Rating


  1. That was frankly my favorite ending so far! The heartwarming vibe, the family dynamics and Nikita just watching it all with a smile on her face: perfection. Really got a series-finale vibe from this too. What a perfect final shot.

    And what an amusing, fun hour! I've always loved how realistic this show can be, so the humor throughout the episode's intense scenes was very much appreciated. Also, I love that the show doesn't insult our intelligence and actually explains how this group has money for all the tech and ammo if they don't have jobs!

    And yes, I need Amanda to come back already. She better be in the season's last 3 episodes!

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