Nikita 2×21 – Dead Drop

"It appears my default setting is attack." 


I can’t stress how much I love SpyFam (or Team Nikita as Percy so aptly coined the group). This was another outstanding hour of Nikita that further cemented just how much the show deserves a third season.

First off, I’m very intrigued by Percy’s endgame. If he’s not building a bomb with all that plutonium, then what is he building? Color me curious, it better not be anticlimactic.

As for the Kendrick stuff, it was pretty darn exciting all throughout. I enjoyed Michael (and Ryan) going beyond Nikita’s orders and her helping them out anyway. She’s really such a fantastic heroine and one you can’t help but always root for. The fact that she’s found her comedic side this season only makes her more lovable.

And can I just say Sean & Alex have finally won me over? They’re actually a very charming couple and of course Sean’s highness in this episode had a lot to do with making them even more endearing. I really hope this doesn’t mean the writers intend on killing Sean off any time soon. There’s real chemistry here and I really enjoyed Sean’s speech to Alex (while teasing her family name) and of course the couple’s first kiss in the back of Birkhoff’s car.

Bits & Bullets

– Loved Maggie Q pulling off the alias with the accent as she berates the bodyguard for “dating” her sister. Hilarious.

– Cool visual with Nikki in her blue dress picking up the badass sniper rifle.

– Michael is pretty damn awesome breaking his ex-student’s neck after a brutal fight.

– Chilling moment as we realize the Team Nikita safe house is surrounded only for it to blow up.

– Still no Amanda. This is getting old.

– Amazing ending with “home-quarters”. Team Nikita cold not rock more.

Nikki Notables

Nikita: This government has always treated me like I’m expendable. And I’m gonna save it anyway.

Birkhoff: You’re buying the next house.
Alex: Deal.

A thrillingly enjoyable hour from a stunning sophomore season that just won’t quit.

Nad Rating


  1. I loved the ending with Michael calling their new safehouse “home-quarters” and Nikita watching her new big family. Team Nikita is just so heartwarming indeed.

    I was shocked that I didn't mind Alex and Sean! It definitely has to do with the fact that Sean being high on painkillers made him funnier and more amusing, but I also just genuinely want Alex to be happy! I really can't think of other characters right now that I root for so badly as much as Alex and Nikita.

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