Nikita 2×22 – Crossbow

"This ends today."


This was an excellent penultimate hour that did a superb job of setting up the finale. After all, what could be bigger than Team Nikita infiltrating Division and endings things once and for all? This show consistently reminds me of The Vampire Diaries particularly with the sheer confidence it has in plowing through developments with stunning gravitas and a magnificent attention to continuity (Robbie’s return in this hour is potent proof of that). Moreover, I must say it was a joy to watch our two favorite couples carrying out their epic plan. I can’t wait to see more Nikita/Michael & Sean/Alex working side by side next year.

And finally, the last few minutes of the hour were just too darn tense for me to handle. I’m just so invested in our team that I found myself on the edge of my seat wondering how they were going to get out of their predicament. The charges going off as Michael called out for Nikita provided a heart-stopping ending to the hour and left me suitably pumped for the finale. I wholeheartedly hope it’s a spectacular hour that does the season justice. And if it somehow disappoints, well we’ve got a whole other season to look forward to and I couldn’t be happier.

Bits & Bullets

– Nikita’s opening dream was quite creepy yet effectively prophetic.

– Way to go Michael blowing up that gas talk.

– Sean knocking out Robbie as he threatens Alex; hilariously unexpected.

– Percy has his own personal death-star: definitely not an anticlimactic reveal. I’m pleased.

– Percy blackmailing the President; pretty darn epic.

– I wish we got more of Sean & Alex escaping from the reactor on the motorcycle before it blew up. It felt hastily edited.

– Nikita’s “I’m not running anymore” speech to Michael was chilling. The “dying in that hellhole without” part broke my heart. God I love these two now.

– Birkhoff kissing Nikita and proclaiming “May the force be with you” was just funny and touching on every level.

-Michael’s reaction to the above-mentioned kiss: priceless.

– I don’t really find myself that invested in Percy’s desire to join the unnamed group of super-villains. I’d like to be proven wrong eventually.

– Alex’s smirk after she saved Sean; loved it.

– The Division agent breaking her fellow accomplice’s neck with her legs to alert Sonya was a shockingly good move

Nikki Notables

Michael: You thinking what I’m thinking?
Nikita: Storm’s coming.

Percy: (To The President) Right now, I’m your Commander In Chief.

The President: So you’re telling me that the combined might of the U.S. military forces are no match for one madman? In New Jersey?

Nikita: Michael you’re too heavy for me to lower, not that I’m dissing your girlish figure.

Expertly plotted and especially nerve-wracking, Crossbow was the perfect set-up for next week’s season finale.

Nad Rating


  1. Nadim, I still haven't started Nikita (I will be this summer) I just wanted to say congrats on the renewal! I knew you'd be delighted about it.

    I'm still bummed about TSC, and even though I don't watch it, I just know I'll love it, I'm glad a deserving show got renewal. It's just a shame Hart of friggin' Dixie made it, too.

    Once I make headway on Revenge and this I'll be commenting on your stuff again, I just have 0 time right now!

  2. Panda it's been too long. It's sad Ringer isn't around anymore to bring us three (Max included) together anymore on a regular basis!
    I seriously can not wait till you start Revenge & Nikita, two glorious shows that I know you will absolutely love! Sorry about the Secret Circle. I thought of you as soon as I heard.
    By the way, why aren't you posting Charmed reviews anymore? Max is beating you! Really want to read your season 7 (and 8) thoughts in details!

  3. I really don't think there's any other actress in Hollywood that gives me goosebumps the way Maggie Q does. Her performance is just incredible in every scene, every shot. She's probably the most underrated actress right now (and screw Designated Survivor for the inexplicable limited screen-time they give her..idiots).

    What a truly amazing penultimate episode. I can't praise this show enough for racing through so many plot developments this year while still staying true to the characters. Nikita and Michael infiltrating Division is such a brilliant move for a finale (more so a series finale, but I'll reserve judgement until I reach that one). And seriously, the last 10 minutes had me BREATHLESS! My jaw dropped when the Division agent Alex and Sean had captured killed her colleague so that Percy and Sonya would realize his tracker went offline. SO FREAKIN' SMART.

    I keep coming back to this, but I'm still awfully fascinated by the dialogue on this show, Nadim. This episode in particular is probably the LEAST quotable one so far, making it so realistic and still amusing to watch. For example, I love Birkhoff now and that's a stunning achievement because I usually detest the “tech guys” on action/thriller shows (Cisco is awfully lame, Topher I cannot stand and Felicity…don't get me started on that one). Birkhoff is written in a way that's so refreshing to see on television – he uses cliche lines, has an obviously huge crush on his boss (Nikita) and is annoying when speaking into her earpiece. Maybe it's the actor but all those things are surprisingly executed well on this show despite them being less successful on other shows. And characters actually say what they mean here! How many times do we see fights on TV because someone simply misinterpreted something and instead of talking about it, immediately jumped into conclusions? It's so refreshing NOT to find stupid stuff like that in Nikita.

    Finally, if Amanda isn't in the finale, I will scream bloody murder. Can't wait!!

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