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American Horror Story 1×07 – Open House

"A woman in my line can't be too careful; there are a lot of minority men in this city who would like nothing more than to ravage me on this counter-top."


Spectacular. American Horror Story continues to fire on all cylinders with an vast, immersive mythology and a bunch of ridiculously compelling characters.

I just really adore the world Ryan Murphy has created with this show. As demented as the plot twists are, it all still feels remarkably grounded and affecting. I love the entire cast of psychos and their various traumas and tales, particularly the manner in which everybody’s ordeals are bleeding into each other through different time periods.

First off, Constance and Larry had an affair? I honestly did not seen that one coming although it makes perfect (creepy) sense in retrospect. Larry has actually evolved into quite the sympathetic figure as this episode reveals that he in fact was not the one who set fire to his family (his wife was responsible). I also quite enjoyed the reveal of Beau as Constance’s son. I’m eager to learn the identities of the rest of her kids. Moreover, could there have been a more satisfying trio than Moira, Constance, and Larry triple-teaming the Armenian buyer with the blowjob of the death? Fantastic.

Speaking of Moira, she was particularly amazing in this one as I loved the jarring shots of Frances Conroy wiping her mouth. This show just excels with sick humor.

And finally, I loved the breif reappearnce of Latex man during Vivian’s creepy sex dream, and the added screentime for Marcie the realtor who is a hilarious delight (and who was equally hysterical on Desperate Housewives).

Open House is yet another exceptional hour of American Horror Story.

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