American Horror Story

American Horror Story 1×10 – Smoldering Children

"Those Koreans, they're so suspicious. Especially after Hiroshima."


God this show is sick. Right from the horrifying teaser as Tate literally sets Larry on fire (in a twist I never saw coming), I just knew this episode would cross all sorts of ridiculously insane (albeit thrilling) boundaries.

This hour was phenomenal in the manner in which it dissected Constance and Larry’s complex relationship. You really can’t get a handle on these two and it’s all the more compelling to watch unfold. Constance’s interrogation in particular was epic as it intercut with all the flashbacks and was just stunningly enhanced with Jessica Lange’s jaw-dropping performance. This woman really deserved her Emmy.

I was also quite fond of Larry watching his kids playing with Travis and then taking the fall for the murder. It was heartbreaking to see him profess his love to a woman who could never return his adoration. That ending in the prison was especially powerful and cruel.

And finally, the episode’s main jaw-dropper proved to be a great one: Violet is a ghost and has been dead for the past few episodes. I know many people saw this coming but I certainly didn’t. This was an inspired plot development.

 A superb hour. I can’t wait to see where they go next.

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