American Horror Story

American Horror Story 1×11 – Birth

"I can't walk through this house without tripping over one of your dead offspring."


And finally the moment we’ve all been waiting for. To call Vivian’s birth a weird experience would be an understatement. It was actually quite satisfying to see so many characters come together for this one monumental event (particularly Dr.Montgomery). It definitely felt like a fantastic culmination of the season. Unfortunately, I’d been spoiled about our favorite mama’s death but that definitely did not take away from a truly stunning episode.

I was also fascinating by the battle for the baby, as it seemed like every ghost in our beloved house was after the poor little thing (or not). I adored each of their various sinister machinations and plots to control the unborn spawn.

Moreover, I can’t but discuss that gorgeous ending with Violet finally telling Tate to “go away” and sobbing in the dark as her mother appears as a ghost and comforts her. It’s an insanely touching and moving sequence that provides the perfect bookend for the hour.

A highly satisfying hour that was far from anticlimactic.

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