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American Horror Story 1×12 – Afterbirth

"Now what am I going to do with you?"


Well that was a strange yet satisfying season finale. Apparently Ryan Murphy intends to start from scratch next year, with a completely new cast (except for Jessica Lange thank God) and a whole new premise and setting. I actually think that’s an inspired idea as this stage of American Horror Story definitely feels like it’s over (in a very fitting manor no less).

First off, that opening was beyond amazing with Ben pitching the house to Vivian intercut with all the horrors they endured throughout the season. I have to say it really bought the show full circle and proved to be the perfect teaser for the show’s season finale.

I’m not too sure how I felt about the new family moving in however. I guess it was necessary to showcase them in order to convey Vivien and the Harmons’ acceptance of their ghost-hood and their new purpose to make sure no one has to suffer in that house again. But I felt many of their scenes went on for too long, particularly the chase at home as we’re not especially invested in them as characters. However, it was nice to see Ben and Vivian having fun together for once.

Speaking of the Harmons, it was quite wonderful to see Vivian so accepting of her new fate. It also allowed Ben to grow up and show some maturity as he became likeable again for the first time in a long time. I quite loved them watching the new couple having sex on their kitchen table. Moira showing up during that intimate moment was also the cherry on top. Since we’re on the subject of our favorite maid, I adored seeing her become a part of the Harmons’ new family as an equal. Frances Mcdormand knocked this role out of the park this season and she was almost as spectacular as Lange.

Finally, we got quite the moving sequence at the end with the Harmons finally genuinely happy as they decorated their Christmas tree (as ghosts no less). It’s bizarrely fitting to see them finally achieving the happiness that eluded them for so long while Hayden and Tate bitterly watched on from the outside.

Now had the finale ended here, I would have found it a bit too anticlimactic. Thankfully, we got a chilling coda with Constance returning home and discovering the savage and brutal aftermath caused by Mr. Antichrist. Lange completely sold that final moment with her half-smile and left me perfectly content with the season as a whole.

Although not as thrilling as I would have hoped, American Horror Story‘s finale was a satisfying bookend to a marvelous debut season. Season two can’t come soon enough.

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