Revolution 1×02 – Chained Heat

"Great, they're having a sale on heroin."


Second episodes are always tricky. Not only do they have to maintain the quality of the pilot, but they also have to set the tone for the rest of the series. I’m not sure Revolution‘s second outing was quite so successful in accomplishing these two tasks.

It’s a problem really when your lead is so unlikeable but that’s the case with Charlie. We’re two episodes in and she’s already grating on my nerves with her holier-than-thou attitude and never-ending dramas. Truth be told, it would do the show a low of good to sideline the brat and shift focus to Miles who’s infinitely more interesting (it didn’t hurt that he called her a “pain in the ass”). Also, I really don’t want to see Charlie and Nate’s “relationship” develop. Their dynamic is particularly painful to watch and it doesn’t help that both actors have the combined charisma of a salt shaker.

Thankfully, Nora seems like a very interesting addition to the cast. She’s a gorgeous badass who’s wildly resourceful and tough. I’m definitely look forward to seeing her journey unfold alongside the gang.

And finally, I think we all expected the twist with Rachel turning out to be alive the moment Elizabeth Mitchell was cast. You just don’t bring this Lost alum on-board without a juicy and layered role in mind. Thankfully, the development wasn’t dragged out for half a season and I’m already eager to learn more about her relationship with Monroe and what exactly she knows about the blackout.

Revolutionary Bits

– The introduction with the cheesy voiceover is beyond atrocious. Who will “light the way”? Seriously? Unacceptable.

– Very touching opening flashback with the fantastic Elizabeth Mitchell telling Charlie to “never let go” of her brother’s hand (oh the irony).

– I’m still impressed by Giancarlo Esposito’s brilliant turn as Nevill.

– Maggie breaking down over the iPhone just might be the episode’s low-key highlight. Saving all the pictures of our loved ones on our phones is such a wonderfully relatable insight. Beautiful and heartbreaking scene.

– The lush, green landscapes on this show are truly superb. Visually, Revolution just pops.

– Utterly chilling flashback as little Charlie is threatened by a man desperate for her family’s food.

– The slaves dragging the helicopter is a very nice touch.

– Epic slow motion sequence as Rachel shoots the psycho in the flashback and Charlie simultaneously shoots the militia leader in the present. Like mother like daughter indeed.

– Who is Randall, why did he break into Grace’s house, and why does he have another one of those USB power sources?

While admittedly entertaining, Revolution is going to have to do much better than this uneven hour if it intends to stick around this season.

Nad Rating


  1. Enjoyed your 'frustrated' review, Nadim. πŸ™‚
    With the way Revolution is doing right now, watching Alias and Nikita all-over again is more exciting than waiting for this show to unfold and calm my nerves.
    Honestly, i'm starting to think of other shows to watch than this.
    Two more eps. Two more chances. Then that's it for me. Bleh! :p
    Emily Clarke! Get in here! hahahaha.

  2. I agree I'll give it a few more episodes but not more. There are just way too many shows to keep up with if Revolution doesn't become amazing soon!
    And Emily Clarke is a brilliant idea Rosebud. She would surely heat things up a bit πŸ˜‰

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