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Modern Family 4×01 – Bringing Up Baby

"Sometimes I just like to toss a grenade and run away."


Fresh of its third consecutive Emmy win for Outstanding Comedy Series, Modern Family‘s season four premiere was an unfortunately below-average hour that was far from indicative of the show’s often marvelous quality.

Although I appreciate the writers’ attempts at blending everything together under one theme (having a baby), the premiere just felt messy to me. Cam and Mitch dealing with the aftermath of their failed adoption could have been a heartbreaking and poignant little subplot, but was unfortunately rendered insipid thanks to several misfire attempts at stuffed-animal comedy. Less irritating was Lilly (who was hilarious in the show’s Emmy sketch a few nights back) and was equally excellent here in her quest to own a kitten called “Larry.”

However, the weakest storyline of the hour was Phil’s attempted kidnapping of Jay for his birthday. The scenes on the boat proved to be groan-worthy apart from a funny gag of Jay falling into the river (twice). Thankfully, the plot was saved by what was probably Jay’s strongest moment of the series yet as he got to express to a furious Gloria his enthusiasm for her pregnancy. I have a feeling this storyline coupled with Sofia Vergara’s usual awesomeness is going to be a highlight this year as I relish the thought of a long-term arc on Modern Family. Its storylines are a bit too self-contained for my tastes. Moreover, the time-jump at the end was another welcome change of pace as I’m excited to see where we go next.

The episode’s MVP was undoubtedly Claire who got to deal with Hayley’s hangover, skirt around Dylan’s invasion of her home, and delight in the fact that Gloria would be getting fat soon. Suffice to say, Julie Bowen definitely deserved her Emmy win a few nights ago (although I wish Vergara got her chance this year).

Modern Quips

Alex: (To Haley) She’s being facetious…. sarcastic…? Dylan no stay!

Luke: Oh gross I didn’t know grandpa could still do it.
Phil: Don’t be disrespectful Luke. Anybody can do it with Gloria.

Jay: It’s gonna be great.
Gloria: I’m gonna get so fat!
Jay: Mostly great

Manny: (Reading his poem) … nestled in the bosom of your mother.
Phil: Lucky baby.
Claire: What?
Phil: Love you baby.

Phil: I finally get what they mean when they say pregnant women glow.
Claire: Phil I’ve had 3 children.

All in all, a disappointing premiere from one of television’s strongest comedies. Nevertheless, I still have high hopes for Modern Family this season.

Nad Rating


  1. That's not a total surprise. I've stopped watching, but I felt like the show bottomed out around the start of season three and just isn't very funny anymore. I don't particularly like any of the characters either (Sofia Vergara is wonderful, but they just give her the same stuff to do every week), while the situations are always a little annoying and generic. Meh.

  2. Ah I haven't reached the stage of giving up. I still love the entire cast but I agree the show should be changing things up a bit. The fast forward at the end of the premiere was a step in the right direction. And Sofia Vergara – no matter how repetitive the material she's given – can do no wrong!

  3. Allo, Nadim. Good review. In my opinion, all comedy shows have their own ups and downs. That's why they say, its harder to write about funny/comedic things than in making action or dramas. In comedy, its usually the actors who make it work. But of course, the writers needs to boost that up. Well, like I said, that's my op. 🙂

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