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Grey’s Anatomy 9×01 – Going Going Gone

"They say death is hardest on the living."


That Shonda Rhimes is quite the sadist isn’t she? While I’ve grown accustomed to her putting our favorite doctors through the most traumatic of incidents (ferry accidents, hospital shootouts, plane crashes), her killing of Mark Sloane in the season nine premiere was an especially horrifying development.

I’m unsure how I feel about Sloane’s death. On one hand, it does make sense thematically as I don’t think it would have been satisfying seeing Mark end the show with anyone other than Lexi. However, Eric Dane is a phenomenal talent and he’s been one of the show’s standouts in recent years. And alongside the losses of Lexi and Teddy, the show is going to have to work extra hard to fill the voids they’ve left behind. Still, I can’t deny that Sloane’s death made for some great drama and that I’m eager to see the crew deal with the aftermath.

Speaking of aftermaths, Shonda apparently decided to withhold the crash developments until the second episode while choosing to begin the premiere with a time-jump. I must say it’s an interesting decision that has me suitably excited to see how episode two is going handle the whole ordeal. It also managed to produce an excellent misdirection as I was sure Arizona had bitten the dust (thanks to Callie’s breakdown in the closet). The reveal of her cooped up in bed with an amputated leg no less literally made my jaw drop (and that hasn’t happened in a while).

In other news, it was undoubtedly weird to see Christina in a whole other hospital. And while I appreciate the fact that our doctors seem to be traumatized of planes now, I’m going to need Miss Yang back in Seattle Grace very very soon. The less said about April however the better. I literally have zero interest in her and found myself wholly disappointed by Hunt begging her to come back. She can stay with the pigs as far as I’m concerned.

On the bright side, I was definitely amused by Bailey lighting up this year thanks to a reputation that has made her a laughing stock. Her new nickname – Booty-Call Bailey (BCB) – was beyond epic.

Bits & Scalpels

– The interns have nicknamed Meredith “Medusa.” Ha!ย  Awesome to see Meredith in charge.

– Bizarre flashback to Derek’s wedding day. I’m unsure how I felt about these. They felt a little forced. Mark trying to get Callie to film a sex tape however was hilarious.

– The Nazi giving Medusa her blessing: awesome.

– Callie crying in the closet just broke my heart on every level.

– Again, Callie crying (this time by Mark’s bed) really tug at my heartstrings. Sara Ramirez is spectacular.

– Loved Meredith screaming at Alex in the airport for not bidding her goodbye.

– Beautiful moment between Meredith, Christina and Alex bonding (though the iPad). I’m still not such a fan of Karev.

– That final shot with Sloane turning off the camera was beyond tragic (and admittedly beautiful).

Must Download Tunes
Ingrid Michaelson – Into You
Tristan Prettyman – My Oh My
One Two – Without You

While this hour was undeniably depressing, it was a nonetheless solid season premiere from Grey’s Anatomy.

Nad Rating


  1. Great review Nad.
    I was quite irritated and shocked at how Shonda withheld all the crash aftermath details! I was eagerly waiting for THAT flashback that will show how the doctors were rescued and how they were able to survive for a week in the deserted woods (especially after how season 8 ended by Meredith and Christina sharing a piece of gum to satisfy their hunger, so a little detail on the survival techniques that kept 6 people alive would suffice me)
    Iโ€™m glad to hear that all these thrilling events will be revealed in the second episode, I hope!

    As for Mark Sloaneโ€™s heart aching death, all I can say is Mcsteamy, you and your bedazzling eyes will sure be missed!!! <3 <3

  2. Hey Farah!
    It's quite weird how she skipped the crash aftermath (something we've been waiting MONTHS for) but she's confirmed that the second episode will be solely dedicated to that I believe. So really I can't wait for what should be an EPIC hour! That ending with the gum and the fire was beyond chilling and fantastic!

    As for Sloane, he's with Lexie now so you can find comfort in that ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for commenting!

  3. First off, great review love. I saw the episode last night (God bless hulu plus).

    This episode was weird. Several times over the past 8 years (has it really been that long?!) of Grey's Anatomy, the premiere is just weird. I can't put my finger on it. I start watching it and it feels like another show. It takes them a few episodes to get back into their groove as a show. I understand the source of weirdness this season. There has been deaths, almost deaths and a lot of trauma.

    As far as I'm concerned, while it was undeniably sad and tragic that Mark died, it had to happen. Seeing him end up with anyone besides Lexie would have been heartbreaking. His Lexie storyline was by far the most interesting thing to happen to him on the show. I actually find the loss of Lexie way more devastating. She added so much to the show from humor, to broken-hearted girl drama, bad decisions and just overall charm. I'm somehow uneasy with Bailey being my only source of humor on the show. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Mark's death was built up very well throughout this episode. Some of the flashbacks were a little random, especially the very-orchestrated “if I could see myself with someone it would be Lexie Grey” in Arizona/Callie's wedding. I agree about the last shot. Heartbreaking. The quote you have in the beginning resonated with me a lot too “death is hardest on the living”. They did a great job building a morose, depressing mood to the episode.

    Meredith as Medusa is interesting. We can see her slipping back into dark and twisty mode. Although now that I think about it, when did she ever slip out? Her storyline is starting to spiral from depression to happiness to tragic event and then depression again. Derek's hand storyline is far too reminiscent of Burke's post-shooting storyline (but that had the complicated relationship with Cristina to make it more interesting). I'm not interested in seeing Derek have a repeat of what happened to Burke and his self-imposed exile a couple of seasons ago when he decided he was only good at killing people.

    Arizona was the biggest shocker of the episode. I'm so used to seeing Arizona bright and shiny that I figure an amputation is one of the few things that would push her over the edge. Callie having performed the operation makes this especially hard to stomach. There's going to be a lot of crying before this arch sees its finish line.

    Meredith, Alex and Cristina (the only 3 survivors of the original *MAGIC) had the only actually enjoyable scene in the episode. I'm glad they're not downplaying their fears of airplanes. Cristina is obviously not made for California. She's way too wound up and intense. Back to Seattle she goes. I give her 2 episodes at most. They've already built her exit. I feel a little cheated by how they make it seem like everyone is leaving in the season finale to scare us and then everyone changes their mind in episode 1. Lame.

    I'm actually glad Shonda started with a time jump. That was we know what happened to everyone before we delve back into the woods and watch the immediate aftermath of the crash.

    Overall, it feels like this season is going to be disappointing and far too miserable. While I like my drama as much as the next person, this just seems like it's going to be painful to watch. There's enough misery in the world to go around thank you very much!

    Next in line to watch: Scandal, Once Upon a Time, The Good Wife

    I love fall!

  4. Hey tots. What a delightfully long comment!

    First off, you're right Lexie will be missed the most. She was such an awesome and dynamic presence on the show. A real pity she's gone because Greys is going to feel her loss immensely.

    Agreed about everybody suddenly changing their minds and especially about Derek getting a repeat arc. But I think Shonda is sadistic enough to make this plotline traumatic in a different and more creative manner.

    As for Christina being too wound up for California, do I detect some self-reflection there? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You forget REVENGE for your next in lines! And for pilots to watch and discuss: Last Resort, Revolution and 666 Park Avenue!

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