Scandal 2×01 – White Hat’s Off

 "You're ornamental, not functional!"


Scandal was undoubtedly one of last year’s surprise standouts. Although it started off weak, it soon morphed into an immensely compelling production. While the second season premiere wasn’t exactly mind-blowing, it was a nonetheless strong episode that laid the groundwork for a potentially explosive year.

I think I most enjoyed Millie’s continued involvement in Presidential matters. Even while pregnant, she’s still as manipulative and vindictive as ever which is always enjoyable to watch. The manner in which she dropped the Sudan bombshell on live TV in the midst of a baby interview was astounding, and Fitz’ scolding of her later (don’t use your brain) was even better. Speaking of Fitz, he and Olivia got a beautiful moment with that secret phone call which continued to paint their relationship as the most forbidden of all time (I especially loved the I hate you too part).

I also loved Olivia screwing over David in this one and getting the case acquitted through an unknown manner (I’m guessing she called The President). It looks like Shonda plans on taking Olivia through quite the journey this year and I can’t wait to see what moral dilemmas she’ll face next. Her team are undoubtedly suspicious now which should make for some exciting television. (Abby in particular was quite awesome here calling Quin “the Molotov Mistress”)

And finally, I have to say that while I didn’t enjoy the Quinn character last season, I’m not minding the added focus this year.  That final reveal with Olivia and Huck being the ones responsible for her new identity was definitely intriguing, and I’m just so very curious to discover what is it that makes Quinn so special.

A strong if unspectacular hour that sets the stage for a potentially fantastic sophomore season.

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  1. I think it deserves a higher rating. It was really a spectacular hour of television. Though not as groundbreaking as episode 6 (which deserves an A+), it sets up the season very nicely.

    One more thing: I loved the part you were talking about – the “I hate you, too” – but I also loved the “you hang up… no, you hang up”

    Personal note, the reason I don't watch Grey's anymore is because it's just so unrealistic at this point. When I started understanding the medical talk I realized how much of it is BS. So really, it doesn't give me much of an escape. This show has the same formula, and talks about politics. With politics though, everything is possible.

  2. I actually agree with Nad's rating. This pilot isn't really that different from season 1 episodes. It created many questions which is what a good pilot should be all about.
    I don't think it was the president that Olivia called though… since she said “I know it has been a while” so we wonder…
    I still don't like Quinn so much; I don't find her charismatic. Abby (my favorite) on the other hand is really charming.
    Politics can generate all kinds of possibilities so totally agree with wedge on that one. I'm sure we're in for all kinds of surprises this season.
    The dynamics between Fitz and his wife and then with Olivia are really amazing. The altercation with Millie on tv and then the romance with Olivia over the phone were the highlights for me. Great script and great acting.
    Really looking forward to what happens with Quinn and how Olivia was involved in the first place!

  3. First off, I gave episode 6 that A+. It was a masterpiece 🙂

    Too bad you're not watching Grey's anymore. I think last season was my personal favorite one yet since they've killed off all the dead weight characters but that's a debate for another time!

    I'm glad you're still watching Scandal. Going to be a fun year!

  4. By the way Mo, a pilot is only the first ever episode of a show. This was a season premiere just so you know! Hehe.

    As for the episode, so glad you agree. Didn't think it was amazing either but a fine enjoyable hour. Abby is also my favorite. She's just awesome and gets a lot of great lines!

    This show really is like Greys but with a political template. Hoping it's a fantastic season for us to continue discussing! Thanks guys!

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