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Giggles’ Restaurant Review – Abou El Zeez


Fat, generous, full of character and right on time. No I’m not talking about a person, I’m talking about a ball of falafel!

After much debate over what to eat on a quiet Sunday morning, we decide that my husband is to quickly go fetch some falafel. Instead of him coming back with the expected Falafel Sahyoun, my very creative husband returns with a very pleasant surprise: great smelling stuff from a falafel place in Dora called Abou El Zeez.

Massive sandwiches, huge falafel balls and a big plate of fresh greens and pickles land on my quite-large coffee table. From the great smell I can tell how fresh these falafels are. Still steaming hot, I immediately try one along with some very tasty tarator, mint, radish, tomato, and three types of pickles. My senses don’t lie… these falafel are certainly as good as they look.

I also try one of the sandwiches which is tasty, juicy and so very fresh. Although I never considered Falafel to be healthy, this sandwich certainly tastes healthy to me; it’s literally exploding with fresh greenery that for some reason did not turn dark and sloppy from the neighboring hot falafels.

The Zeez shop is located in Dora and I unfortunately still haven’t been to it. Our delivery guy, my husband, confirms that the service is fine and fast.

All in all, About El Zeez Falafel is the perfect option for a non expensive end-of-month Vegetarian Weekend brunch.

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