Revolution 1×03 – No Quarter

"This is so dramatic. Do you guys remember One Life To Live?"


I can’t express how much I detest the Charlie character. Nobody in life is that annoying and idealistic. It’s painful to watch her constantly preach about doing the right thing while crying over a dead guy she’s never even met. Seriously has there ever been a more unlikeable lead in the history of television? I’m at least thankful that she’s good with a crossbow because otherwise I feel like poking my eyes out every second she’s on screen.

While this hour was a serviceable one, it just wasn’t particularly thrilling . I enjoyed the reveal of Miles having been so prominent in the Militia as it least adds more dimension to the show’s most fascinating character, but the rest of the cast really need to catch up. They’re trying their best with Nora but I’m just not feeling her yet. As for Neville, Monroe and Danny, they were pretty useless here.

All throughout this episode, I was positive that I wasn’t emotionally attached to Revolution. I decided I would give up on it because there’s just so many great shows more worthy of my time at the moment.¬† The show really hadn’t been living up to the brilliance of its pilot. And then the final scene came along: Aaron compared the world to a schoolyard, the USB flashed, Marvin Gaye came on, and Maggie’s iPhone turned on for a few seconds as she finally got one more glimpse of her kids. That scene just felt so real and genuine, and fortunately reeled me in for another episode or two. So Revolution, please don’t disappoint me again.

An average hour that’s salvaged by an excellent final scene.

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