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Restaurant – House of Sausages


It’s ten pm on a Thursday night, and I’m still at work. I can’t quite describe the harrowing feeling that entails. So that’s where comfort food comes in. My friend recommends we try a new hotdog shack that opened across the street (in Sil El Fil). My willpower has undoubtedly waned with this traumatically-long day and I oblige with great enthusiasm (knowing I’ll regret it later).

House of Sausages is a quaint little establishment. A small stand doused in green, it offers a concise menu with all the sausage basics: frankfurters (pork and beef), merguez, soujouk, makanek and a small selection of desserts. I order the large frankfurter with all its recommended toppings: ketchup, mayo, cheddar cheese, mustard, pickles, chips, and jalapenos. It takes a while to finish but it’s worth the wait. As I sink my teeth into the luscious pork bun, I lose myself in the glorious sensation as the chips shatter beneath my fangs. It’s an excellent choice to be sure and I devour my dinner within seconds. My friends urge me to order another but I have other plans in mind: I request the chocolate dog. Packed with marvelously epic nutella and some delightfully crunchy coco pops, it’s a tasty little treat that provides the perfect bookend to my binge-session. My one regret is not sampling the merguez which my friends insist is superbly seasoned with the right amount of flavorful spices. Oh well, there’s always next time.

Surprisingly, I’m not feeling guilty after the deed is done (which usually tends to happen when I stray from healthy eating). Was it that good, or was I just in need of an outlet for my work-induced stress? I’m going with the former, because by the time I finish work at 12 am, I’m craving yet another scrumptious frankfurter. Price-wise, dinner cost $10 and I was quite full. Truly this house is a top-notch pick for an on-the-go dinner or a pre-hangover craving. Color me impressed.

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