Scandal 2×02 – The Other Woman

"Please be dying. Are you dying?"


After a somewhat subdued premiere, Scandal returns guns a blazing with a stunner of an episode.

This episode’s case of the week with the Pastor’s death and his mistress was an excellent one. Not only was it awesome to watch the gang scramble to control the volatile affair, I loved watching Olivia’s dynamic with the mistress unfold. The layers and parallels between the two were just fascinating. I’m also loving the fact that Olivia is driving a wedge between herself and the team (particularly Abby) by using Fitz to take care of her problems. It really escalates the stakes for the rest of the season.

Moreover, Millie begging forgiveness from Fitz in the limo was a truly great moment for the couple. Could it be that I’m kind of rooting for them now? It would be quite cool to have a love triangle at the center of the show in which both options are viable and intriguing (much like how The Vampire Diaries used to be).

Finally, the show’s main conspiracy is also becoming immensely interesting particularly with the Supreme Court judge being involved at the end with Olivia and hinting at a cover-up involving Quinn which could tear the country apart. I’m very interested to see where they can go with this and I have a feeling Shonda won’t disappoint. And with David hot on Olivia’s trail, the show is finally becoming epic again.

Scandalous Bits

– Love the opening midnight call from President Fitz to Olivia. Perfect quotient of forbidden love and Shonda’s snappy banter.

– Epic moment as Olivia and the gang discover the Pastor dead on top of a suffocating hooker.

– Hilarious touch with the team sharing a single stick of deodorant in a rush.

– Fantastic montage with Olivia handling the negotiations between The Pastor’s wife and mistress. The editing on this show is an art and really makes the flow.

– Fitz and Olivia laughing over the pastor’s indiscretions: very charming moment.

– What an unexpectedly touching moment to see Mrs. Drake take the mistress and her son and walk side by side with them. Although, it was probably suspicious to everyone in the church.


Cyrus: Being on the short-list isn’t like winning. Winning is like winning!

Olivia: We just had to carry 300 pounds of Pastor up a flight of stairs.

Olivia: What do you need from me?
Mistress: 6 million. She has it.
Olivia: She does have it, but despite 15 years of not-quite Christmas, you’re still just a mistress with a pair of divorces under her belt.

Abby: I know you ran for President but to be fair you did lose.

Man: Now you got a soul? Funny I thought you sold that to me a couple of years ago.

Abby: We give great funeral.

Fascinating and frequently hilarious, this was a stunning episode of Scandal.

Nad Rating


  1. Great episode!
    I am loving the dynamics between Fitz and Milley. The pastor's death was a real eye opener for Olivia in that she will always be a mistress and have no part in Fitz's legacy. Slowly I think her relationship with Fitz will dwindle while he and Milley keep patching things up.
    Quinn's story is slowly beginning to unfold and I can't wait till David figures out the “scandal”. It is interesting to note that he is using the same approach as Olivia in solving cases; hanging photos on wall and staring at them until something becomes evident.
    Keep the reviews coming nad!

  2. It was awesome wasn't it? I loved this episode. I'm most intrigued by the love triangle. I agree I think Fitz and Millie are going to become quite the genuine couple.
    And David hot on Olivia's trail is pretty exciting! This is going to be one explosive year I'm sure!

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