Last Resort

Last Resort 1×02 – Blue On Blue

"Sometimes the enemy is just the man keeping you from getting home."


I’m going to start this review with a little comparison. Revolution and Last Resort are the two biggest high-concept dramas of the season, each hell-bent on grabbing the Lost mantle that has eluded so many productions over the last few years. Both had excellent, compelling pilots that exceeded my expectations. However, Revolution has floundered in subsequent outings (the second episode was pretty average, the third was a bit better), while Last Resort‘s second hour was a pretty solid offering that has me much more optimistic for the future (which is unfortunate as its ratings are weaker and it might not last long).

My biggest fear coming into this episode was the change in locales. The premiere benefited greatly from a very claustrophobic setting (the submarine) which imbued the show with a real sense of urgency and terror. Thankfully, having the crew on an island is much more exciting that I would have hoped. With a Delta team en route to take them out, I was genuinely worried for their safety and was pleasantly surprised with the whole Russian agents twist. Moreover, the production values were still on point as we got an excellent action sequence between the two sides. Here’s hoping they manage to sustain the excitement for future episodes.

As for our protagonists, I’m still enjoying Sam as our lead. His relationship with Chaplin in particular is a great little dynamic for the show. Their final scene as Chaplin breaks down (after that excellent relation concerning his son) was a suitably touching moment for the character. And while Grace is fine as the show’s female lead, it’s Kylie Sinclair who I’m most fascinated by. Autumn Reese is giving a wonderfully confident performance with just the right amount of vulnerability. Let’s hope her journey to uncover the conspiracy continues its compelling path.

While not as masterful as the pilot, this was a nonetheless thrilling hour.

Nad Rating

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  1. Allo, Nadim.
    Thanks for the review.
    Very right down to the bone as usual. 🙂
    I'm also partial to the storytelling going on with Last Resort.
    Gosh, they have 150 personnel on board that sub; the writers should have A LOT of stories to tell.
    Hope they use it well.
    Can't wait for more interesting guests.
    I don't like the local thug though; he's just there to create trouble. hahaha
    The character portrayed by Robert Patrick is also starting to get on my nerves.
    I'm just wondering how he supposedly became Chaplin's friend and not knowing Chaplin at all and what he stands for. Oh, well.
    The SEAL drunkard looks interesting though.
    I just hope that by the next episode, he starts to stand for what he believes; whatever that is and leave the bar. ;o)

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