Revenge 2×02 – Resurrection

"Before you can rise from the dead, you have to spend a few days in hell."


I adored Revenge last year; it really was my favorite new drama of the year. However, this year’s premiere while enjoyable, didn’t prove to be as thrilling as I wanted it to be. While this episode still had its share of flaws, it was a definite improvement and a step in the right direction.

The episode’s highlight was undoubtedly Victoria. It was a joy (as always) to watch her plot, scheme and wriggle her way back into the Hamptons. Asking Conrad to brutally attack her was just plain sick and I loved it (although it felt a bit much even for the show). Moreover, I continue to be pleasantly surprised by Charlotte this year. Last season she couldn’t be more irritating, but now she feels like an integral part of the cast with a layered personality to boot. It really broke my heart to watch her bond with Faux-Amanda as Emily watched on. This episode really made me realize how much I can’t wait for Emily to reveal her true identity. I hope it happens soon and that it isn’t dragged out for countless seasons.

While I enjoy Nolan in small doses, I have no interest in this sudden emphasis on his work and the introduction of Padma. Does Nolan really need a love interest? Isn’t his dynamic with Emily enough? Worse still is Declan who continues to grate as the most annoying character on television. Why should I care about him and that stupid necklace? Seriously I want to know what the hell the writers are smoking and why they insist on dragging down the show with such a pointless character and storyline. It’s inexcusable and beyond frustrating.

Finally, I’m also getting impatient with Emily’s mom; I’d really like to meet her already. I know it sounds like I’m harping on the show but I just want it to be phenomenal again. This was a pretty good hour but I expect more after a masterful debut season where the standards were set unimaginably high. Honestly I’m beginning to forget why I loved this show so much so I’m hoping for a mind-blowing hour soon to shock me back into reality.

Vengeful Bits

– Loved Emily’s mom morphing into Victoria leading into Emily choking Nolan. Hilarious!

– Queen V announcing herself to Conrad on the phone was pretty epic.

– Charlotte and Daniel’s relationship is another highlight this year. I’m really feeling the bond surprisingly.

– Can I just say Madeleine Stowe still looks hot while beaten to a pulp?

– Emily’s “son of a bitch” cracked me up.

– So Jack IS the father. How unfortunate. I did like Emily lying though. It shows she’s not above playing dirty.

– I really didn’t like White-Haired Man getting the upper-hand on Emily. She doesn’t usually let her guard down.

– So what’s the story with Aiden? He’s on the Grayson Global board and then he saved Emily by shooting WHM. I must say I am intrigued.

Devious Delights

Nolan: This is why you shouldn’t fall asleep watching horror movies.
Emily: I was watching Victoria.
Nolan: Exactly.

Nolan: (To Emily) What now, Revenger?

Nolan: I don’t think my employees have any respect for me.
Emily: Why would they? You’re not wearing pants.

Victoria: (To Charlotte) Sunshine and happy thoughts aren’t going to get us through this, we need money to survive!

Emily: Is Victoria’s heart still beating?
Nolan: Was it ever?

Conrad: (To Victoria) So it’s true; even the Devil himself didn’t want you.

Victoria: Hit me. And do it like a man, if that’s even possible.
Conrad: Oh dear, nothing would give me greater pleasure.

All in all, a welcome improvement over the premiere, but I still want more excitement.

Nad Rating


  1. Wow, what an epic design on your blog! It looks great!
    Hopefully I'll be able to edit my video blog down to a movie, and then I'll have you to review it ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thank you, and keep on blogging!


  2. Calm down, Nadim.
    Revenge cannot be Nikita as far as being fast paced is concern. ๐Ÿ˜€
    The drama, Nadim, the drama slows them down. ha-ha-ha.
    I must say, it is just right that WHM (if you say so) got the upper hand on Emily; otherwise, Em would have had to kill him and them her cover would be blown, right?
    Remember, this shows writers' logic at times come out a bit later. (sure hope so)
    Good review and have a nice day!

  3. im not really enjoying this show as much as i did last season but were still in the second episode im pretty it will get better

  4. Woah, feeling a little antsy, Nadim? I liked this one a lot, and don't see the show as having changed a ton this year, either. It seemed funnier than usual, too, both because everything was so over-the-top, as well as all the Nolan laughs. As long as they don't whitewash his bisexuality (or sexual ambiguity), I haven't got a problem with Nolan and that new girl, either. Gabriel Mann is so charming on this show that it's hard for me to really dislike anything they make him do. And how could you not mention the Katie Couric line? Heh. Too funny!

    But it's probably best to ease up on the ragement, Nad. Gets a little scary, heh.

  5. I seem to be in the minority but I'm not impressed YET this year (funny how last year I was gushing about the show and you weren't that impressed) I do agree about the humor however. This hour felt much funnier than usual! Lots of witty one liners!

  6. It was an insane episode with an amazing twist of events. Every minute was thrilling, including those which featured Declan and Nolan! Nad I'm sorry but every single episode of revenge is an A+ for me ๐Ÿ˜‰

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